Create a Home Office You Love!

If you’re looking for tips on setting up an efficient home office, you are not alone.

Myself and up to 30 million Americans work from home, at least on a limited basis, reports.


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For reasons that include disability accommodation, targeted reductions in carbon emission, and reduced operating expenses, reports shot the numbers are increasing for telecommuters and home workers.

Establishing an efficient, comfortable office setting is important for many of the three million full-time home-based workers. Setting up a remote office — or the primary office for entrepreneurs and freelancers — involves organizational skills. However, efficiency doesn’t mean decorating styles and preferences don’t play a role.

The following tips for home office design address challenges for everything from setting up an office in compact spaces, to natural lighting environments effecting computer screen glare.




Space-Savings Features

Innovative furniture designs are changing the way urban home workers think about setting up their offices. Incorporating dual-function furnishings that perform sleeping and office duty, such as like the Ulisse Desk with fold-away designs, ingeniously utilizes every square inch of space efficiently. With accompanying modular shelving and storage solutions, conversion takes mere minutes.



Window Treatments

Letting sunshine in elevates moods and creates an energetic atmosphere. Bright sunshine also creates glare on computer screens, and open drapes reveal interior activities.

Solar panels and privacy window treatments at and similar providers reduce the negative effects without totally blocking that glorious sunlight. This type of shade is sleek, modern and custom-crafted using eco-friendly materials.


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Proper lighting in a work space is vital, and layers of lighting provide a great choice for home office set-ups.

Overhead or “over-the-desk” mounted track lighting provides semi-stationary lighting.

Wall-mounted or desk-variety task lighting that’s adjustable and mobile allows light to be focused when and where it is needed. Adding a floor lamp is an option for creating ambient lighting to set the mood of your office space.

It’s important to create an atmosphere conducive to reading printed material and computer screens without causing eye strain.


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Whether the office is an “en suite” off the den, or a dedicated-self-contained space, design elements that represent the business and personality of the occupants create a genuine atmosphere. Splashes of color in wall art and unique textures, and shapes in pencil holders and drawer pulls, provide opportunities to incorporate personal style schemes.


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Design and Sustainability

Many employers today are encouraging workers to telecommute in an effort to reduce operating costs while embracing social responsibility protocol. Freelancers can follow the same practices by using energy-efficient light bulbs, furniture manufactured with natural products or products that are easily recycled, and choosing low-toxicity paints that create color with natural additives, instead of harsh chemicals.

Millions of people are working from home today. Designing a workspace that satisfies the creative and functional needs should boost morale, productivity and comfort. It’s a win-win for freelancers and their clients.

What home office decorating tips do you have? Let us know in the comments.



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