Easy Pantry Organizing Tips

You may want some practical pantry organizing tips if  you do your groceries and at the check out you brace yourself for the total, and  you start asking yourself “Can we possibly be eating this much?”  Your pantry is packed and yet you still you can’t find what you need for tonight’s dinner. Some pantries can be hard to organize: a large family, an awkward corner and you feel stuck!


If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your pantry and wants to make it functional and feel on top of your game when it comes to managing your household, read on for easy to implement pantry organizing tips!

Your Step-by-Step Pantry Organizing Tips:

Remove all items from the pantry

Oh no, you think! Well, unfortunately, the only way to quickly clean the slate for a great pantry is taking it all out, and removing items that A. are expired, B. you don’t like anymore and C. you don’t want to keep.

Pantry Organizing – Step 1: Sort

Now, with all the items on top of the kitchen counter/table let’s group them by “family” – Breakfast items like cereal, PB, Nutella, spreads and syrups can go together, then let’s group pasta, grains, sugars & baking, crackers and chips, baby food and snacks (if you have kids), canned goods will also live together as well as the jars of sauces, pickles, and Mayo.

Pantry Organizing – Step 2: Clean

Clean the pantry completely wiping the shelves and wiping the floor underneath the shelves

Pantry Organizing – Step 3: Measure

Before replacing all your items on your pantry bring in the measuring tape and a notepad with enough space to make a drawing of the area. Include all measurements for EACH SHELF, the space between the door and the shelves as well as how much opening you have when your pantry door is fully opened. You will need this list to go shopping -around the house or at a store – for your organizing supplies.

Pantry Organizing – Step 4: Place

Place all items back in the pantry leaving some wiggle room between groups to have room for the gadgets you’ll bring in later on. I like to use the shelves in this order: A.Top shelves for rarely used items and gadgets – If you’re not an avid baker we can place all your baking supplies right here with that huge mixer you thought you’d use every weekend! B – eye-level shelves (usually 3 in front of you) for the most used items like the grains, canned goods, breakfast items, pasta and your favorite snacks and finally, C. the lowest shelves can be used for heavier items like drinks, bulk bags of grains, serving platters and your crockpot! Your pantry is not done yet. We’re just placing the items back so you can use your kitchen until you are ready for your next step!

Pantry Organizing – Step 5: Shopping

With your measurements notes with you let’s go shopping for organizing tools that will optimize the use of the space in your pantry: turntables, shelf-risers, bins, food storage and hooks.

Finishing Touches

After you shopped for all your pantry organizing tools, install them by section. For example: pull out your cereals and pour them in the cereal containers, place the bread in a bin, install the cans on your can dispenser, the jars on a turntable and so on. You’ll be placing them back on the shelves you have assigned before.

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Now that you’re ready to start working, here are some immediate benefits of having an organized pantry to get you even more motivated!

  • It becomes easy to use and find all you have to prepare your meals and treats.
  • It streamlines your menu planning because you see all you have
  • It simplifies your grocery shopping because you can easily make a visual inventory of what’s needed.
  • It saves you money on your groceries as you won’t come home with your 3rd pack of chicken breasts.
  • It becomes a PLEASURE to use the pantry as all looks neatly organized, and you take pride in your home!


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I hope you find these pantry organizing tips useful and that you feel motivated to tackle your pantry! Please, share in the comments which work best for you!

To your success!



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