Creating Your Home Management Binder

Summer is a great time to refresh and re-organize. The kids are home or in camps and when school starts again you’ll have everything in place to be organized and on top of every piece of information you need to run your household smoothly.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work from home or out of the house I know you are extremely busy and that life just keeps getting more and more complex as our children grow, expand their interests and explore the world.

You also want to have time for yourself, for your spouse and for meaningful relationships. But, here is the catch: to fit all this in the same 24 hours everyone has been given takes focus on what matters most, organization and prioritizing. Don’t aim for perfection, rather aim on getting done what you need to achieve your goals.

I will be uploading the forms weekly so you can have the time to print it and complete all the information. Let’s start with our family contacts this week.

Use a 3 ring Binder to keep all the forms together and you may want to use Avery Plastic Sleeves to keep the reference information safe from sticky fingers. These printables will help you stay  organized and on top of things while running your home.

I hope you enjoy the home management binder and that they help you create a life you love.

It is sure helping me stay up-to-date with my little ones’ ever growing needs and interests. 

You may purchase the entire set for the home management binder here.

I  love to hear your comments. Leave them below with your questions and suggestions!

Have a fabulous day,

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