Decluttering your home won’t happen overnight. Every homeowner goes through the decluttering process at some point in time. For some, it happens regularly, like at the end of the year or in spring, while others dread it so much and will put it off for years.

No matter your style, decluttering is an essential part of the home organizing process.

Decluttering isn’t just about cleaning and putting things away; it’s about letting go of everything that you don’t need, want, or that no longer serves you.

While decluttering is essential for a successful organizing project, here are some equally important things to know before clearing the clutter. Hence, you do it effectively and efficiently.

Here’s organizing expert advice on everything you should know before you declutter your home.

Everything you need to know before you declutter your home
Everything you need to know before you declutter your home.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Your mess didn’t accumulate overnight and won’t be cleared up overnight. A full-fledged decluttering will take more than an afternoon or a day.

It could take a week or more, depending on how much time you devote to the process and how much paperwork you have to complete.

Devote a certain amount to decluttering your home every day – whether it is just 20 minutes or a couple of hours, and you will make steady progress.

Sometimes, it takes more than one go.

Sometimes, it will take multiple rounds of decluttering and home organizing before you finally realize you don’t need a particular item.

For example, you might find a pair of jeans that you hang on to. You might keep them for several months without wearing them before finally letting them go.

That’s okay – that is part of the decluttering process.

Start with a home organization plan if you want to be successful.

With a plan, you are the boss and in control. You lead the entire decluttering process. You know what to do, and that will help you overcome those moments when you feel overwhelmed.

Don’t blindly throw out stuff when embarking on the decluttering and home organization process. Have a plan to help you evaluate your home’s current situation, what works, what does not, what needs to stay, and what must go.

Also, plan how you will approach the process – will you declutter room by room or category?

Have a vision of what you want your home to look like

With an idea of what you wish each room, cupboard, cabinet, and drawer to look like, you can implement your plan and ensure that vision comes through.

This way, you can save tons of time, and the entire process gets done smoothly.

Be realistic

Sure, you want to get through your clutter and get rid of it ASAP. You have this image of your current mess transformed into a spick and span home overnight. But that’s not possible. Before you start your home organization process, be realistic about:

  • How much time and effort can you devote to your decluttering efforts?
  • If you can spare the type of resources to get the job done within the timeframe, you hope to get it done.
  • Whether your dream is realistic with the resources you have at hand.
  • Whether you are asking too much of yourself and your home in such a short time.

Don’t add items before you declutter

We mean that you must not bring in anything new that will add to the clutter before you finish decluttering your home. Anything new you intend to invest in must wait until you have the space. There are two reasons for this:

First, you make space for the new item – you might find a better place to put it.

Second, you might decide you don’t need that item once your home has been decluttered.

Your state of mind is crucial before you declutter

Many of us don’t start decluttering until we reach a state where we are so overwhelmed by the mess.

Decluttering your home when you are emotional can be very difficult. Plus, it could lead to making some wrong decisions about what you throw away.

For example, you might, on impulse, throw away a gorgeous antique lamp given to you by an ex because you were angry at them at that moment.

If you must declutter while simultaneously dealing with things in your life, pick spaces that are easy to go through—like spaces without sentimental items.

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