Spring Cleaning Your Office for Success

Whether you work from home, are a small business owner or an online entrepreneur, spring is the perfect time of year to refresh the chi in your office, as spring is the season of growth, expansion and new projects.


Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself about your office…

  • Is your office prosperous and attractive to money? Yang chi is enriching and magnetizing chi that creates conditions for your business wishes to manifest. A yang space is clean, brightly lit, fragrant, fresh, filled with life force and movement and color.
  • Or do you have excessive yin chi in your space that actually repels money? Dust, clutter, dim lighting, stagnant air, broken or faded things keep money away.
  • Is your office beautiful and do you love coming into it and working in it each day?
  • Is your office’s décor reflecting the amount of money you wish to bring in each month or year? Let’s say you want to earn $100,000 a year. Does your office LOOK like a $100k-a- year-office or does it look like it’s in debt, impoverished?
  • Are you sitting at a desk and chair (your financial foundation in Feng Shui) that supports success and making money and business expansion? Or are you always at a tiny table at Starbucks or trying to earn money at a glass-top desk in a wobbly second-hand chair?
  • Is your space contemporary, stylish, fresh? Or stuck in the ’80’s or ’90’s?
  • Is the energy and feeling of your space light, clear and uplifting? Or does it feel exhausted and overwhelming? Do you continually energetically cleanse and bless the space?
  • Does your office reflect the branding of your business? Consistent colors, aesthetic and imagery?
  • Is your water feature actually making and saving money? Or is it broken, empty or half-full? Is the flow of water ‘disappearing’ or ‘trickling’?

“Environments are more important than will power. You can set out with the best of intentions and plans. But if your environments are not set up to support you, you will struggle to achieve your goals.” {Jack Canfield}

I’d be so honored and happy to help you!

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