How to Organize it in 4 Easy Steps!


Do you have a junk drawer?! Is it a big mess and jumbled with everything that doesn’t have a home? Well, we all have one, and it’s hard to figure out how to organize it when there are so many tiny parts and multiples of everything in such a small space. After all is a drawer!

But don’t worry, everything can get organized, and I will show you how to organize it and make it look impeccable.

Keep watching to see what you can achieve and how to organize it and make it super functional for daily use!

Here are simple steps to get everything in place and easy to find.

  1. Bring everything out and over the counter – or a large surface.
  2. Sort every item to create alike groups – Everybody has a Family, every Family has a Home!
  3. Find containers that will fit in your drawer – there are multiple choices out there. Check below for the photo gallery with some great options!
  4. Arrange your items by importance = frequency of use – place pens, stamps, scissors and other frequently used items in front of the drawer and less used ones, like batteries, towards the end.

Enjoy your great looking and functional drawer!

I hope you find this video on How to Organize your junk drawer useful and that it helps you get your junk drawers organized.

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Do you have a monster living in your junk drawer?!


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