Stylish Solutions For The Closetless Lady

Not all of us are gifted with a sprawling walk-in closet to store all our clothes, shoes, accessories and do some fun dressing up. If you find yourself looking for closet organizing ideas for the “no closet” problem in your home, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to be inspired by these stylish closet solutions for the closet-less.

How To Organize A Closet When You Don't Have One
How To Organize A Closet When You Don’t Have One

From the very creative and artsy to a more “put-together” look, there’s a closet organizing solution to bring you all the storage and organization you need for your beauties.

As you read through this post, you’ll see that you don’t have to break the bank or sacrifice storage with these solutions. The closet organizing ideas below are a good sample of what you can do with a garment rack, a dresser, even storage boxes, and, of course, some imagination!

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1. No Closet Organizing Ideas: Create One In A Corner

Painting one of the walls dark will instantly bring an instant flair and focus to your dressing area. Contrast it with white or bright colors, and use your favorite clothing and shoes as part of your decor. Setting up your closet corner in contrasting colors will create a sense of purposeful intention for your organizing and storage space.

Add a beautiful floor mirror to add function with loads of style.

2. No Closet Organizing Ideas: The Spare Bedroom (or corner!)

Who said your closet has to live in your bedroom?

Have an extra room? A tiny little corner?

Make it pretty with your clothing and nicely organized shoes. Add some sparkle and a comfy seat to make it yours. This gorgeous example of an extra room turned closet only needed a rolling rack and a few accessories to pull together this high-end closet solution.

3. No Closet Organizing Ideas: Shelves On The Wall

Want a more “closet-looking” solution? No worries, you can install shelves and a closet rod to create a unique boutique-style solution for your closet.

Don’t you love the shoe storage on the wall?

A combination of shelves, a clothing rack, and a cabinet will bring more closet storage space.

Extra No-Closet Organizing Tip!

In the image below, you can see how installing the top rod near the ceiling doubles your closet storage space. When you don’t have generous closet space, maximizing space in any way you can is the name of the game.

Ikea has a beautiful closet organizing system that can also serve as a room divider. Again, doubling up on form and function is a win-win when it comes to creative closet solutions.

4. No Closet Organizing Ideas: Let Your Clothing Be The Backdrop

This closet solution creates a beautiful backstage for your bed while creating all the privacy you need.

Simply use a curtain to create separation, and an “official” closet will be born. Don’t be surprised if you end up with more space than you would have in a traditional closet. What’s not to love in this Pottery Barn room?

These shelves are a great solution, especially if you move often, like us. They are flexible and can be used from the entryway to your closet.

Proof that closet shelving can look beautiful!

The perfect marriage of style and function.

5. No Closet Organizing Ideas: Modular Systems

Don’t you love this gorgeous and elegant closet built with modular storage?

These modular storage cubbies offer plenty of space for folded items, purses, and shoes. Baskets in beautiful textures add storage options, beauty, and style.

6. No Closet Organizing Ideas: Clothing Racks Come in All Shapes And Sizes

These racks’ unique shape makes them attractive and extra sturdy. You can use them along the walls of your room and add a dresser for your folded items to create a fully functional closet solution.

This beautiful closet solution features shelves and gorgeous storage boxes from The Container Store. Of course, the wall color, lighting, and beautiful accessories make this an “all-grown-up” room.

Storage solutions for bedrooms without a closet

Shelves are all you need to create this beautiful closet by The Container Store.

Now, here is the official garment rack for girls and boys alike.

7. No Closet Organizing Ideas: The Ultimate Treasure

If you have utilized all of your options with shelves, rolling racks, cubbies, and drawers, and you still need more room to store and organize your clothing, let’s get creative and get under the bed with this awesome storage solution.

What are your favorite closet organizing ideas from this post?

I’d love to hear what you do to improve storage without compromising style in your own space.

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