Shoe Organizing Ideas

Every woman loves shoes. If we had our way, we’d probably have more shoes than clothes! Still, getting our shoes organized requires space and, many times, a lot of creativity to make them all “fit.”

The truth is, many times, our collections of glamorous heels and ballerina flats can become unmanageable.

To simplify your life, I compiled nine shoe organizing ideas to help you get your shoes organized.

Many bedrooms and closets have one thing in common: every space available is filled with shoes. If you’ve got shoes stored under your bed, placed in baskets throughout the house, and stacked in large, teetering piles in your closet, it’s time to start organizing.

Step 1: Sort and Evaluate

The first step to organizing your shoe collection is to make one big pile. Go around the house and pick up every pair. Ample space on the floor or your bed makes an excellent sorting location.

Match each shoe with its counterpart and line up the pairs so you can see them all. Then, take a few moments to inspect your shoes.

Check each shoe one by one for damage, discoloration, or wear. Be sure to check the soles and heels to ensure the shoe’s structure is still sound and wearable.

While your shoes are still neatly lined up, remove any shoes you no longer wear, don’t want, or find uncomfortable to wear. It’s a good idea to throw away damaged shoes and donate any pairs still in good condition.

Step 2: Organize by Type and Color

Now that you have a collection of shoes you love, it’s time to organize them for storage. Keeping shoes of the same type and color together will save you time later. Next time you get dressed for a night out and want to wear blue heels, you’ll know exactly where to go.

The same goes when you want to find that perfect pair of sandals for your summer dress. Grouping shoes prevents shoe clutter from developing as you search through pile after pile of your favorite pumps.

Step 3: Choose a Storage Method

How you store your shoes will depend mainly on a few factors:

  • How many shoes you own
  • How much space you have
  • The layout of your closet

If your home has limited space, I suggest opting for more than one creative solution.

Here are a few of my favorite shoe storage ideas:

1. Shoe Organizing Idea #1 – High-quality shoe boxes

Boxes are best used for expensive shoes or those that could be easily damaged. To quickly find your favorite pair, opt for a box with a window or take a photo of the shoe, print it, and adhere it to the front of the box.

2. Shoe Organizing Idea #2 – Clear shoe boxes or bins

For sandals and inexpensive shoes, you may want to choose a less expensive storage option. Like the ones I included below, clear boxes or bins will allow you to see which shoes each container holds.

I like them because they offer different heights for heels, low heels, and flats.

When stacking, be sure to put boxes containing your more frequently used shoes toward the top of the pile.

3. Shoe Organizing Idea #3 – Over the door storage

For small apartments or spaces where storage is limited, it’s best to use every nook and cranny. Hang a clear pocket shoe holder behind your bedroom or closet door.

4. Shoe Organizing Idea #4 – Storage bins under the bed

Measure the height of the space between the floor and the bottom of your bed.

Choose clear bins on wheels to access your hidden storage and retrieve your shoes easily. If your bed is very low to the ground, purchase a pocket shoe organizing bed skirt — you can easily hide it behind a cloth bed skirt.

5. Shoe Organizing Idea #5 – A shoe rack

It’s basic, but it works. Shoe racks allow you to find your most commonly worn shoes quickly. In addition to your closet, place one near your entryway so you and your guests have a designated place to put your shoes when you come in the front door.

6. Shoe Organizing Idea #6 – Armoires

Why not display your shoes for all to see? If you have a collection of unique, beautifully made designer shoes, make them a part of your home’s décor.

Purchase an armoire with glass windows to proudly show off your favorite pairs.

9 Favorite Shoe Storage and Organizing Ideas


7. Shoe Organizing Idea #7 – Chest of drawers

Many furniture retailers sell narrow chests of drawers that can hold dozens of shoes without taking up much space.

Store shoes vertically to use space efficiently and find quickly what you need.

How to organize small entryways.


8. Shoe Organizing Idea #8 – Crown molding

It’s a unique, creative, and fun DIY project.

If your closet has lots of space near the ceiling, install crown molding along the wall.

Hang your shoes on the molding by their heel. For an extra pop of color, paint the crown molding a fun, bright color before you install it.

9. Shoe Organizing Idea #9 – Tension Rods Inside a Drawer

If you have a deep drawer in your closet or dresser, you can install rows of tension rods (for curtains) to place your shoes. Protect the bottom of the drawer with durable shelf lining like the ones you’d use in the kitchen.

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