We all want to live better and healthier, enjoy loving relationships with family and friends, work on what we love and feel we are contributing to a better world. To achieve that we must build the frame that will hold our dreams, so we can work towards bringing them to life. And being organized is just that. Is the creation of space that will allow you to live the life you want and at the same time it will do the following for you.

Being organized will always save you money. And here is why:

  1. In an organized house, you know what you have, and you don’t buy duplicates or more than you need or want. No more impulsive shopping.
  2. Having an organized kitchen means no more emergency trips to the closest (and more expensive!) supermarket because you know what is in your pantry, and you have a system in place.
  3. By organizing your home, you don’t waste time looking for things or money paying late fees or penalties.
  4. By having a system in place, you will live stress-free from the clutter, the guilt, the worries,  the shame, the feeling you are lazy or just plain incompetent.
  5. By knowing all you own and owe you feel responsible, on control and able to make better decisions – financially and emotionally.
  6. A clutter free home also means less dust! Fewer allergies, fewer medications, fewer doctors appointments for you and the whole family.
  7. An organized home makes it easier to clean, to maintain and to repair which will mean less costly repairs down the road. Did I mention this applies to your car too?
  8. Knowing where your money is also going means you can save money for your future, for trips (to Europe, to the mall, to visit grandma, to the moon!),  for the things you want to have in your life without having to take a loan on it.
  9. And all this saves you time and time is your most precious asset! You can always get more money, but you will never add more time.
Being organized doesn’t mean to have an immaculate home, with perfectly folded t-shirts and matching baskets in your organized closet. It’s also not having a magazine cover kitchen with lined bins in your pantry. Of course, you can have that too, as long as this is how you LIKE to live and maintain it.
Being organized is living a life that makes sense for you and your family. Is living sensibly and creating systems that support the life you want to have. These systems work like a well-oiled machine that you just maintain and enjoy the benefits from it.
And my job is to get you here, in a very supportive and non-judgmental way, to a place where all has a home and where you can run the show and not be part of the clutter!
So, what would you like to organize today, to get out of the way and that will make your life:
– easier
– more productive
– more meaningful
– save you money
– save you time and make you happy?
To schedule your in-home organizing session with Helena please contact her via email: [email protected] for your free phone consultation.

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