Bathroom Organizing Tips

Making it Easy to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Are your Bathroom Cabinets a little messy? Or really messy? Can you find all you need without having to grab little bags, going through piles of makeup or hair products? Have you consider how much you could save by knowing exactly what products and how much of them you have? Or how much time you will be saving by being able to get out the door in the morning without delays? And even better, the pleasure of using your nice products because now you know where they are!

If you have a less than an Organized Bathroom Cabinet watch this video with real life tips you can implement today!

And after you watch the video, check for the quick list to jump right on and get your own bathroom cabinets all organized!



Now, 7 easy steps to Organizing your Bathroom Cabinets

  1. Clear the space to work
  2. Empty all cabinets
  3. Group every item by type:First-aid  Hair Make-up Prescriptions Personal Care Towels
  4. Sort from each group what is expired, you don’t want or need anymore
  5. Place each group by importance/frequency of use: daily items should be closer and easier to reach, First-aid & Prescriptions can be at higher shelf unless you use meds on a daily basis etc
  6. Group towels by set or user and fold them together making it easier to replace
  7. Now that you know how much you have of each type of product you can shop for containers, either new or in your own home. But, before you go shopping: measure, then measure again and make a list of the spaces with the measurements written on the side. You’ll shop for what you can use!

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