If you saw my last post on how a Facebook Fan, turned Virtual Organizing Client, organized her bathroom cabinet and made it into a sweet “eye candy” for her daily use and delight,  you might be wondering where were the How-to organize instructions I sent her.
Here they are!
Enjoy and tell me what’s your organizing project? I will love to see your challenge and help you tackle it from beginning to end!

How to keep your bathroom clean and organized.


1. Bring everything out of the cabinets and line them up on the (clean) floor or countertop,
2. Purge what is old, expired or you don’t even need, use or like anymore,
3. Group them in alike items: oral care, hair styling, make-up, body lotions, soaps, medicine – in 2 groups OTC and prescription.

– Define specific spaces for each category (linens, cosmetics etc) according to the frequency of use:

– Towels can be on the very top since you only access it once a week.

– First-aid items, extra toilet paper, tissue etc can be stored either very low (if you have young kids) or higher, out of the “daily use” space.

– What you use daily, like skin care, body lotion or makeup should be on the shelf that is at your eye level.

– You can use the inside of the closet door for several purposes:

-To hang hooks for your jewelry, your hair dryer install a metal bar and attach containers to it to store from makeup brushes to lip-sticks or you can hang a small mirror for makeup.

– Lighting is very important in every space, even more so in a small cabinet. I recommend that you install battery operated lighting under every shelf. You can find them at Ikea, Target or the Home Depot.
– If you like to keep reading material in the bathroom, here is a great tool: Magazine Holder

– And if you want to save space inside the cabinet, toilet paper holders are one option: Extra Toilet Paper Storage

Making it Beautiful:

– Paint or install wallpaper on the back and sides of the interior of the closet and the inside of the door in a light color or a contrasting, pop color, that makes you happy when you open that door. Be careful with dark colors they will make it difficult to find anything in there.
– You can paint/line the wood/shelves in white and have the interior walls painted in a different color/wallpaper.
– Choose containers that will complement your colors, in different size options, to store all types of products. It can be baskets, see-through jars with lids (plastic or not), trays, medicine cabinet organizers, silverware organizing trays are some options. I love to include one gorgeous container. It can simply be a glass candy jar, with a beautiful lid for your cotton balls! 🙂 In my case, I love soaps!
Hair care Storage Solution: You have two options. Hair Care Tools Storage 1,


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