Here are my top 10 kitchen organizing tips that will create your dream kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen to make it a beautiful and functional space can be fun and bring many benefits to your daily life.

From saving time when prepping your meals to saving money when shopping for them, there are many reasons to tackle your kitchen organization. However, my favorite reason is to make me feel good every time I walk into my kitchen.

Having an organized kitchen will give you a sense of ease and order when you enter the space to prep a meal, share time with friends and family, or grab your morning coffee.

Check out these 10 kitchen organizing tips that will give you your dream kitchen! #organizedkitchen #kitcheninspiration #kitchenorganization #DIYkitchenremodel

1. Think Outside the Drawer

Be creative when organizing your pots and pans.

This niche in the kitchen was painted in black chalkboard paint and fitted with nice, uniform, modern hooks to create whole new industrial style pots & pans wall corner. 

Here, additional shelving made the best use of the space, creating storage for containers. Place your most-used ingredients here for easy reach.

This kind of DIY organization project is inexpensive, can usually be completed in a day or over a weekend, and really gives you extra function and extra style in your kitchen.

2. Decorate and Save Money on Your Groceries.

This is a fun organizing project that will greatly affect your health and finances and make your pretty kitchen prettier.

Building your very own wall-mounted mason jar planter can be a great weekend DIY project. You can do it by yourself or with your kids.

With a few simple elements and some fresh potted herbs from the farmers market, gardening store, or grocery, you can create this beautiful- and delicious- element in your kitchen. Don’t want to build your own? Buy yours here or here!

3. Use Open Shelving to Store and Display

The white shelves over the classic subway tile allow your accessories and jars to shine in this design.

Show off the items you love and use the most and save time (and steps) in the kitchen by utilizing open shelving to both displays and keep your kitchen items within reach.

Open shelving is also a smart solution for kitchens that lack cabinet space. Adding shelves will give you plenty of extra space at a fraction of the cost of cabinet installation.

4. Bring Charm to Everyday Items

Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchen. Whether you love to cook or not, the kitchen is a space visited many times during the day. The kitchen is also a favorite gathering space for visitors and family.

By bringing beautiful accessories and organizing this space with charm, you’ll make it just the way you like it and enjoy being here so much more.

Use a beautiful appetizer dish or tray to corral all you need by the sink (or cooking area). Place your dish soap in beautiful containers and voilá; you have a pretty station.

kitchen organizing

5. Put the Pantry in a Drawer

Using uniform food containers, you can organize your pantry in a drawer and place all your grains, flour, sugar, and pasta next to your cooking station.

The jars in this image look a lot like IKEA’s 365 Food Storage Containers. Ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 makes this an affordable kitchen organizing project.

Identify each container with labels placed on the lid. Not only does this look fantastic, but it is also a huge time saver when you are cooking.

6. Create Stations

Create “activity related” stations to simplify daily life. If you love coffee and work a lot from home, like me, you can create a cute and practical corner with all you need for your coffee break.

And, if you love baking, organizing a baking station will make creating your next batch of yummy cupcakes and cookies even more fun.

Show off that gorgeous mixer and bowls of yours and get your bake on.

7. Don’t Stack, File.

Instead of stacking serving platters, baking pans, and sheets, file them using shelf organizing tools that are inexpensive and easy to install. Imagine not having an avalanche of plates, platters, and baking sheets fall out of the cabinet each time you need to use one.

Dreamy, right? this simple fix will seriously elevate your organized kitchen status.

8. Who Needs Cabinets in a Small Kitchen?

Installing IKEA wall organizers (don’t you love them?), like shelves and bars with hooks, this chef made the best use of the wall when organizing a small kitchen. This tip for organizing your kitchen is perfect for city dwellers who may have small kitchens, as well as those who rent.

These shelves are a great way to add extra kitchen storage in a semi-permanent way so they can be removed if needed when you move.

thekitchn james kitchen ikea

9. End the Corner Torture

Organizing a deep shelf pantry and shelves can be painful and will always make you reach “all the way in” to reach for that can of beans.

A simple and easy solution is to place turntables on your corners, making it super simple to grab whatever you need. You can also see better what you already have, avoiding buying doubles when you are grocery shopping.

10. Use Uniform Containers

This is a great way to turn even the smallest cabinet into a functional and beautiful pantry. Remove all store packagings from your dried goods, beans, grains, and pasta, and use uniform containers to store them.

Add cute labels to finish up the kitchen organizing project.

chez larsson pantry

What’s your favorite kitchen organizing solution or challenge? I’d love to know in the comments!

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Check out these 10 kitchen organizing tips that will give you your dream kitchen! #organizedkitchen #kitcheninspiration #kitchenorganization #DIYkitchenremodel
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