Decluttering Our Home and Living Lighter

Have you tried to truly declutter your home? Not just donate a t-shirt or trash that old plastic pitcher, but to truly eliminate anything you don’t need to use on a daily basis or that you don’t love.

Well, I thought I had decluttered my home, but with our upcoming move to Chicago this summer, the process of selling our current home has started and to prepare for the open houses, I realized the house needed a REAL decluttering session.

But before we talk about what and how, let me say that I must admit that I know first hand how amazing it is to live an organized life in an organized home. I have been organizing homes and offices since 2010 and I see the joy and the results my clients enjoy once we start and get their homes, calendars and lives organized. What I didn’t know was how much further I could go in the decluttering of my home.

And the feeling is absolutely wonderful. It’s a feeling of being free, of “losing weight”, of clearing the energy of our home.

It’s a relief to walk around and see empty spaces and walls everywhere. Cleaning is even easier than before

To get started I decided to declutter 3 categories of items from the house:

  1. Every single book, from the office to the kids’ bedrooms, is out’da door,
  2. Photo albums and boxes with VHS tapes (am I giving away my age?),
  3. Kids’ art work.

In this video I share my thoughts and feelings on the effects of this decluttering experience and the solutions I’m coming up to keep the contents of those boxes, now parked in the garage, out of the house forever!

Do you have a hard time letting go? Or if you have already decluttered your home share it with us right here.


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