Making your kitchen cabinets work for you

Do you find yourself dreaming of a much better kitchen, with all the gadgets, all the storage space and all the countertop you could well… dream of? Don’t worry; you are not alone! Kitchen Organizing is one of the biggest reasons people call me to help them with. Cabinets of all ages, shelves of all depths and drawers of all sizes having to fit a long list of kitchen gadgets, pots & pans and of course all the ingredients for your tasty meals.


If you find yourself annoyed by your kitchen when you use it, watch this video see how changing the use of the cabinets made ALL the difference to this client.

After a long kitchen renovation, she thought she’d have all the space she ever wanted but then found herself struggling to organize the space in a way that made the kitchen a pleasure to use. Instead, space became a daily battle!

I hope you find it helpful and that it inspires you to make changes in your kitchen – or any other area in your home to make it work FOR you, not against you. Sometimes, being a little unconventional can make life easier.

Here are the takeaways of this project:

  • When organizing always try to place items close to where they are used – pantry + stove, dishes/silverware + sink or dishwasher for example. This alone will save you time in the kitchen and will make keeping it organized much simpler. We all like that!
  • Don’t get stuck with what’s there, think what can work for you. Sometimes a cabinet that was “planned” for a purpose just isn’t practical. Feel free to use your space so it serves you, not the other way around.
  • Use gadgets that will increase storage capacity, make better use of vertical space and make your life simpler, like shelf-risers, turntables or turntables for canned goods and spices.
  • Finally, bring your own style to your space, make it beautiful by creating displays with your belongings. Organizing is great, and beauty feeds the soul!


Featured Kitchen Organizing Products


SimpleHuman Pullout Drawers

These are my favorite pull out drawers! They have great quality and come with a divider, helping you group like items together. They also have a flat surface, easy to clean and that won’t allow items to fall through.

SimpleHuman Pullout Drawers


Bakeware Organizer

Avoid hard to reach and tumbling baking sheets on your cabinets. With this organizer, you can neatly file your baking pans.

Shelf Risers

A must have in cabinets! Increase your vertical storage and make better use of the space under the sink with this versatile gadget.


Gravity Can Feeder

Handled Baskets


Grocery Bag Container

Corner Shelf Riser

I look forward to hearing about your kitchen organizing project and how you were able to improve the use of your space and have more fun in the kitchen.

Have a wonderful day, be joyous and tackle that kitchen.

To your success,




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