The Ultimate Professional Organizing Guide – Part I

I come from a culture of live-in maids, where “even the maids have maids” and in that context, I was having a conversation with a Brazilian friend who, in her words, “just doesn’t get” what I do for a living. We had a great talk and while she appreciated all the information and experiences I shared with her, she wasn’t exactly convinced we were worth the money.

And that’s OK. I get that. If you are a naturally organized person and you have a maid who will be picking up after you and simply placing your belongings back where they belong, your home will most likely stay organized.

But what if you’re not? Or what if your life took a turn and all of a sudden you’re with more on your plate than you can handle? Or what if you got the job of your dreams and need a quick “makeover” to have a clean slate to start on your best foot?

There are many reasons why people hire professional organizers and the least common of them are laziness or luxury.

With that conversation and her perspective in mind, I started writing this series of posts that I’ll be sharing for the next weeks.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you learn more about our work, what we do (or don’t), who we work with and when it can be a good time to hire one of us to get your home, office or entire life back on track.


Why people hire a professional organizer? The ultimate guide in professional organizing.

Most people struggle with organizing at home and at the office. The challenges are so common that the home organization industry became a multi-billion dollar business, with players of all sizes and colors. From A&E TV series and The Container Store to the small business owner, there’s a bit of everything in the professional organizing industry.

But even if you’re disorganized is hiring a professional organizer worth it?

Over the last few years, the professional organizing industry has grown exponentially.

Here’s why so many people are hiring professional organizers:

1. Organizing challenges are extremely common.

We’ve all lost keys, misplaced important documents or struggled with meal planning frequently enough to disrupt daily life.

2. We live and buy into a consumerist society. 

We are slammed with “options” and asked to shop for more of what we don’t need thousands of times. It can be hard swim against the current.

3. Clutter accumulates quickly.

It can be hard to decide what you should keep, what you should donate and what you should throw away.

4. Physical and emotional clutter is overwhelming.

Excess “stuff” in your home and your mind can make you feel stressed, anxious and frustrated.

5. Cleaning and organizing are very different tasks.

Your bathroom countertop could be spotless, but it doesn’t help you find your supply of Q-tips buried in the back of the bathroom cabinet.

6. Paperwork is a big problem.

Mail, bills, permission slips, medical records and financial documents all need to be managed and filed appropriately. Who hasn’t paid a late fee on a bill because it got lost in a sea of other paperwork?

7. Moving homes is a major task.

The average American moves 11 times in his/her lifetime. Having done it with our family for 6 times in 11 years, I know it’s not easy to organize, pack, ship and unpack all your belongings.

Next week, we’ll continue the series taking a look at other aspects of professional organizing and why hire a professional organizer.

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