Freezer, Fridge & Pantry Inventory

Want to know the secret to avoid multiple trips to the supermarket or the frustration of starting to cook just to find out you ran out of an ingredient? If there’s one thing you can do to make daily life simpler is to know what is in your pantry, freezer and fridge.

Having a well stocked kitchen simplifies your daily life, saves you money, avoids trips to that expensive market on your way home and best of all, removes any stress from your mind!

It also helps you better plan your meals to use up all you have already purchased. After my last trip to Rio I went shopping without really checking what was in the pantry and came home with loads of duplicates, which meant I had to come up with recipes to use all those “overstocked” ingredients. Not fun and it can be expensive.

I suggest you keep them in a plastic sleeve attached to the pantry door, with a pen or pencil handy.

List the items in a way that makes sense to you, for example I like to list mine according to the shelves they’re on, from highest to lowest. What is on the first shelf gets listed on the top of my list and so forth.

As you use and purchase items you simply register what’s going in or out. These can be a great task for a child to do with you as well!

You may purchase a complete set of Kitchen Printables here.

Here is what’s included in the Kitchen Printables Set:

  • Pantry Inventory
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Fridge Inventory
  • Menu & Grocery Planner
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Favorite Take-out Places

I will love to hear from you what helps you keep your kitchen and pantry on track. Do you use a pantry inventory?

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