100 Days of Summertime – Get Organized!

Summertime is just around the corner. Whether you dread the unstructured, free-time of the upcoming summer or find that you just can’t wait, it is important to begin to plan now in order to maximize summer.

Find here the best lists to get organized for the summer!

ListPlanIt has all the lists you could possibly need to inspire and prepare you for the busy-ness of summer. Members can browse their selection of lists, choose the list they need, edit it the way that makes sense for themselves and their families, and come back to the list again and again as needed.

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Here are some lists to get you started in the right direction for your summer planning.

  • Frequently Visited Quick List (Contact Info) – Keep track of the places you frequently go in the summertime as both a record and an inspiration.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions (Family Matters) – Take the opportunity in the summertime to train your children in household management. Hopefully, they will someday be living on their own, and the training they get now will better prepare them for the future.
  • Home Alone (Family Matters) – If you have children who are old enough to stay at home alone, it is important that they have contact information in times of emergency or need. Leave this list for your child and rest easy that they will be safe and cared for.
  • Daily Chores (Family Matters) – Although summer should be a time of unstructured exploration and creativity, we must also provide our children with the means to build skills and independence. Provide them with a daily list of chores and watch them grow more confident and capable as adults-in-training.
  • Potluck Planner (Holidays & Occasions) – Decide who is bringing what to the next potluck, whether in your home or at the park. Keep track of names and dishes so you have everything you need for a great meal with friends &/or family.
  • Hosting a Yard Sale (Home Management) – A yard sale, whether at your home or at a friend’s, is a great way to clear the clutter from your home and make a little extra money. And summertime is the perfect time to do it. You’ll also find Yard Sale Supply Checklist to help you gather what you need.
  • Picnic Checklist (Meal Planning) – Make a spur-of-the-moment plan for a picnic in the yard, park, or beach. Use this checklist each time so that you don’t forget a thing.
  • Weekly Lunch Planner (Meal Planning) – If your children have been eating hot lunch at school all year and now you have to consider your lunch options, make it easy and create a list that is an easy reference for lunch ideas.
  • Books to Read (Personal Interests) – There’s no time like summertime to curl up with a good book. Help each member of your family create a summer reading list that will inspire them to read more.
  • Daily Routine (Time Management) – Create a daily routine that is clear and set guidelines for the day. For example, our basic daily routine in the summertime looks like this: wake up, eat breakfast, do chores, play/projects, eat lunch, read, media, play/projects, prepare/eat dinner, family time.
  • Hometown Tourist (Travel Planning) – Summertime is a great time to explore your neck of the woods. Many people take their own attractions for granted thinking, “I can see that anytime.”  And then they don’t.
  • Camping Checklist (Travel Planning) – Camping is a great family activity, but it can be a lot of preparation and work. Take some of that work out of it by planning ahead and then keeping your planning lists handy so that you are ready the next time.

I am sure you will love ListPlanIt and all the resources to get you organized to get organized for the summer.

Have a wonderful summer!

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