Folding Fitted Sheets The Easy Way

Hi there how are you? Here is Helena, personal organizer.

So this week I am going to show you how I fold my fitted sheets and give you a couple of tips to make it really easy.

The first one is how I organize my laundry routine to make folding my sheets is easy.

So the first thing I do is very early in the morning as I wake up, I take my laundry on for washing. It takes about an hour and then when I am half way through the morning routine with the kids, I transfer it from the washer to the dryer. Later, by the time I come back from walking them to their classroom and getting back home from dropping them off, I am ready to fold because, by the time I get home, everything is nice and warm and ready to get out of the dryer.
So I am going to show you now, how to fold fitted sheets. And then we will go through step by step, so you can also have easy to store fitted sheets.

The first thing I do is to work close to my bed because I need a surface to place the sheets once I go through the first step. So try to do the folding in a place where your floors are cleaner, and you have a clean surface to put your laundry on. So the first step is to turn the sheets inside out and let me tell you I learned this twelve years ago when I got married, and I didn’t know how to fold my fitted sheets. And back in Brazil, I don’t think we had fitted sheets then. And so when I got here my husband taught me this and if I can learn it you can learn it too.

So the first thing I do after placing it inside out, I put my fingers in this corner where the sewing is. And I used the long way instead of the short, the head and the foot and I stick my fingers in here, and I flip them all from my left hand and it will hang like this.

Do not worry about the bulk down here because we are going to get there. So again, I have this side, now we are going to work on this side.

I place it on top of the bed where it hangs, and I come in here again I am searching for that corner. Here we are again; I am placing a corner with another corner.

Alright, so now I have my long sides already folded, and I am going to work with head and toe. I fold it again over my hand, and it will hang like this.

So now you can straighten up here and shake it up, so you take away all these folds and all that jumble.
Now, place it on top of the bed or your couch and smooth it to eliminate the wrinkles.

Next, I pull this side here that looks more like a skirt to the rest of the sheet, and I smooth it out to make this into a rectangular shape, so it’s easy for me to fold. And I want it to look nice, so that is why I give it attention.

If you are in a hurry, you just go to any fold it through. All right; I pull this to make sure these edges are unfolded in and everything is looking good. And now I fold one, two, three. I go here I fold the center because we are going to fold in thirds.

Go back fold it and now you have a rectangular shape. And now you fold it again. And you have a square, and you actually will fold and will have all the sheet looking the same and piled in your closet, linen closet that is now super easy to find what you want.

I hope this tip helps you get your linen clothes organized and make laundry time less painful because you and I know that doing the laundry is not our favorite chore to do in the house.
I hope you have a great week, and I’ll see you soon.

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