Organizing Your Move With Sortly

Organizing your move across the country, even moving just down the street is a daunting task. As excited as I was to relocate to California from the East Coast, I dreaded the idea of packing and literally having to go through everything I owned. Where do you even begin? How do you tackle such an overwhelming job? With the help of some friends and Sortly, a remarkably useful iPhone app, here’s how I tackled it!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have everything you need to pack for your move by gathering all of your supplies.

  • Boxes: buy strong, durable *double corrugated* boxes (don’t be cheap!). Double corrugated boxes are durable and provide extra protection. Multiple layers of cardboard and ridges prevent your boxes from ripping or breaking easily.
  • Packing tape + tape gun
  • Scissors/Knife
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers and pens
  • Post-it notes

Tip: Create a designated area where all of these supplies stay until moving day. This way you will always know where these items are located. Make it a rule and communicate to others involved.

Step 2: Get Sortly

Get Sortly, download it on the App Store:

This app is a great helper when organizing your move and categorizing all your items for the big move.

Sortly easily allows you to create “sub-locations” or sub-folders. Create your own workflow and stay consistent!

To add an item into these locations, you just snap a photo and include your own description.

This way, you know exactly what it is being packed and where all your belongings are placed.

Here is the workflow I used to sort out my stuff:

I decided to tackle each room or section of my apartment at a time. It made a lot of sense to me since I have a general sense of where to go in my apartment to find what I need. For instance, if I was heading to the gym, I would go directly to the closet where my shoe rack is located to find my sneakers.

Move folder → Shoe Rack → Shoes box 1 → Sneakers

Once everything is cataloged into Sortly, you can easily search and know where each item is located when it comes time to unpack.

Tip: Tag your items with keywords to enhance the search function.

This blog post was written by Erica Lee, a passionate Sortly user who is blissfully organized in her new home in California thanks to this smart app and her creative approach to inventory her belongings, making unpacking time a bliss. OK, almost a bliss! 😉

Moving to a new home is hard enough.

Sortly keeps track of all of your things and makes finding packed items a breeze. No more searching through a sea of cartons just to find the can opener!

If you’re organizing your move to a new home we invite you to use Sortly!

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