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As a lover of Feng Shui, I believe in the Chinese saying that “wherever you go you bring good luck with you.”

This summer whether you’re glamping, boutique-hoteling or Airbnb-ing, these Feng Shui practices can help you have the best trip ever.

Feng Shui your vacation Gwynne Warner


Before You Travel + Personal Protection

  • If possible, choose an auspicious travel day and/or auspicious day for your Chinese Zodiac animal from the Chinese Almanac to begin your travels.
  • Before leaving, take a metal bell and face east to ring the bell 9 times. Turn in a clockwise direction to face all of the other 8 compass directions, ringing the bell 9 times in each direction ending facing east once again. This ritual helps avert bad luck for travel.
  • Perform “Walking on Six Feet of Red Cloth” and “Avoiding Harmful People” from the BTB traditions.
  • Bring a talisman or amulet with you for safety and protection.
  • Perform “One Good Deed” every day.
  • Carry the “12 Zodiac Animals” for good relationships with everyone turning all into benefactors.
  • Perform the “3 Secret Reinforcements” (to remove known and unknown obstacles) often!
  • Essentials to have on hand to conserve your precious life-force and not leak away your energy with too little sleep would be ear plugs, an eye mask and neck pillow.
  • Drink lots of pure drinking water; move (bring an ipod and dance in your hotel room!); get a massage; meditate; take naps and so on.
  • Have fun!!! Experience new tastes, sounds, smells and sights to continually adjust your chi!

Airline Travel

  • Tie a 9″ length red cloth or wide ribbon around your suitcases handles.
  • Attach an auspicious talisman or amulet to your luggage.
  • Choose airlines whose predominant colors are bright and clear green, blue or lucky and auspicious red.
  • If you’re afraid of flying, wear red to feel empowered. You can also wear solid black for protection.
  • Wear a talisman or amulet.
  • Write the name of your hotel, airline and flight number and your name on separate pieces of paper. Wrap these in a piece of aluminum foil (or place in a silver box, if you have one). Place this bundle in the Helpful People/Benefactors/Travel area to help avoid delays or travel difficulties.

Road Trips + Driving Safety

  • Keep your car super clean (especially windows and mirrors to help eliminate distractions and encourage clear thinking, responses) and well maintained so you’re safe.
  • Create a beautiful environment with: a selection of music that calms you down as well as lifts up your energy; essential oils of sweet orange or kaffir lime in a plug-in aromatherapy burner; put a flower bud vase in your car and keep a fresh, fragrant flower; have an image of the divine and/or your beloved ones.
  • Have regular cleansing and blessing ceremonies in your car but especially before you travel. Use fresh orange peels, burn chen pi, ring bells, burn sandalwood or juniper incense and clear the negative chi.
  • Some believe that 3 white feathers in your glove compartment and hanging a bird on the rear inside window offer protection.
  • Perform the BTB Secret “Driving Safety” cures.

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To bless means to wish, unconditionally, total, unrestricted good for others and events from the deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of your heart.

{Pierre Pradervand}

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