Color me orange: Fall colors in your home and closet.

Fall Colors in Your Home & Closet

Wondering how to bring fall colors to your home? Here are some ideas and how I keep Halloween decorations tamed in our house. 😉



Fall (and all the orange!) is by far my favorite season and for a family with kids, it’s also a happy season. I love fresh pumpkin bread, the colder nights and the crisp air and blue skies during the day.

There’s only one problem: I am not that fond of Halloween decorations! I also don’t want the overwhelm of clutter created by the decorations of every holiday in the calendar or am willing to let my house be taken over by monsters.

Well, that would all be just fine if I didn’t have three yummy boys.

I had to come up with a solution, so as a compromise and to still let the boys have a fun time I created a simple way of displaying Halloween decorations, using homemade bats, mice and other creatures that are flat, easy to store and even easier to replace if needed. My other strategy is to let the boys decorate the outside of the house with items that are either durable or just very inexpensive and easy to replace – like spiderwebs from $1.00 stores.

And, finally, we have my adorable husband who will patiently and skillfully carve pumpkins in beautiful designs with the boys every single year, making the season a time to remember.

So far these strategies have been working well for us, but I’m curious to hear how you celebrate the season. Do you decorate your home from head to toe or keep it simple?

I hope you’re enjoying the season and that all you have to decorate your home for Halloween fit in one plastic tub! 😉

What are your favorite Halloween decorations ideas?



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