Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so don’t spend it in the doghouse.

The only thing worse than forgetting Valentine’s Day is celebrating it in a way that’s tired and cliché.

Go wild and plan something she’d never dream of—something that really sweeps her off her feet!

Make it a Two-Day Affair

Kick-off your own Valentine’s Day on the 13th, instead of on the actual day. This way, when you take her to dinner and a romantic movie or for a stroll along a river walk, you won’t have to fight off crowds of fellow romantics. Then you can spend the real Valentine’s Day cuddled up in comfort on the couch of your choice—no crowds, no pressure. She’ll love that you planned ahead, and she’ll cherish the two-day celebration.

Plan Something Outrageous

If you really want to impress your partner, go big with a champagne hot air balloon ride, a stroll through wine country, or a stay at a cozy bed and breakfast. If you live in the mountains, reserve a room at that ski resort you always drive by and enjoy a romantic staycation for two.

valentines' day

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Stroll Down Memory Lane

Plan to re-visit your old stomping grounds, and swing by the places where the two of you share special memories. Grab a drink at that little bar where you shared your first beer together, and stroll around the park where you shared your first kiss. On the ride home, surprise her with some chocolate-covered strawberries that you had delivered from, and listen to a CD that brings another blast from the romantic past you both share.

Try Something New

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, keep an eye on Groupon for adventurous activities and deals in your area, and select something that you both have never done before. Take a cooking class together or attend an ice skating lesson. Maybe there’s a tasting at the wine bar in your neighborhood that’s hosting a candle-lit evening just for couples. You might even find a great deal for an evening helicopter ride that tours the skyline of your city. Whatever activity you choose, the important part is that you’ll be doing it as a team, and you and your partner will enjoy an even closer bond after learning something new together.

Valentine's Day

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Think Outside the Box

If originality just isn’t your strong point and you find yourself falling prey to the calling of candy and flowers, fight the urge to settle. You know your partner best, so think hard about what she’d really appreciate. You may find that you didn’t need to go big at all to impress her—maybe all she wants is a quiet night in together, cuddled up on the couch with lots of uninterrupted quality time.

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