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Every week I read and go through so many of my colleagues and fellow bloggers’ posts. Some are new, some are old “reading friends” of my Saturday morning reading routine.

Life can get on the way of sharing their wisdom, insights and tips, and I decided to start listing them here for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Grab your favorite drink and enjoy.

This week…

Love a visual reminder for your projects? Plan and collaborate with this great tool: Trello

Ted –“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”– via @TedTalks  by Regina Dugan

Pro Organizers Blog Carnival – Getting Help – @JanetBarclay

Good Life OrganizingJust in Case… – @glozing

No Sidebar – The Powerful Effects of Work Habits – @nosidebar

Becoming Minimalist – The Emptiness of Accolades – @Joshua_Becker

Seth Godin – How to Go Faster  – @ThisIsSethsBlog

Nacho Organiza – Think professional organizers won’t procrastinate? –  Organizador Postergador – @Nachorganiza

The Organizing Boutique – Book Launch! – The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Organized – @life_on_track

Elizabeth Gilbert – What to Do if You Can’t Find Your Passion – @GilbertLiz

Zen Habits – Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire  – @zen_habits


Have a great weekend!


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