Inspiration on Organizing & on Living a Better Life

Every week I read and go through so many of my colleagues and fellow bloggers’ posts. Some are new, some are old “reading friends” of my Saturday morning reading routine.

Life can get in the way of sharing their wisdom, insights, and tips, and I decided to start listing them here for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Grab your favorite drink and enjoy.


Hi there!

This was a very hectic week and I had to trim down my reading list. I know Spring Break will bring slower days and more reading time.

Big Think! Learning How to Thrive: A Masterclass in Work-Life Balance, with Arianna Huffington – @bigthink

Happy this resource is here. I listened to and LOVED Arianna’s book and have incorporated several steps to live a more present and beautiful life. – @ariannahuff

If you want a hands-on opportunity to go through Thrive, join Arianna Huffington on this journey here.

And since healthy eating is a big part of thriving, I’m obsessed with these resources:

  1. Once a Month MealsCook Once, Eat Everyday. I can live with that! 🙂
  2. One 100 Days of Real FoodFree Meal Plans Without Processed Foods – Fantastic healthy meal plans, shopping lists and prices.

To help you plan your meals even faster, grab this meal and grocery planner from my Home Management Binder Kit.


Becoming Minimalist – If You Wouldn’t Do It for Free, Don’t Do It For Money – @JoshuaBecker

I read this post right after a very unpleasant talk with a “big”, self-proclaimed “business guru”. He wanted to sell me something, of course, but in the era of “you can do so much more, you need to share your gifts with the world or you’re robbing people of them”, I take even more pride in the love, service, and pace I decided to embrace for my business. So, while he may make a lot more money than I do, he makes it outside my personal values, and reading Joshua’s post was an important reminder to stay true to what’s important to me.

Seth Godin – Pick yourself’ and taking responsibility – @ThisIsSethsBlog

No Sidebar – Why being honest is sometimes the better option than being nice – @nosidebar

Elizabeth GilbertDon’t Become a Museum to Grief – @GilbertLiz

Zen Habits – The Anti-Bucket list  – @zen_habits

Nacho OrganizaHablando De Las Vacaciones – @Nachorganiza

Meditation with Deepak Chopra – This is what I have been doing on the long wait for my middle-schoolers in the car. Download the app and start or end your day with it. @DeepakChopra

Have a great weekend and may we all thrive.

I’ll see you next week!

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