Is your home inventory ready? Preparing yourself for a move or an emergency will be much easier with a complete inventory of your belongings. Free download.
Prepare yourself for an emergency or a move with your home inventory.

A home inventory isn’t the kind of thing we look forward to doing on a nice summer weekend, however, when we consider the benefits they can bring, they become all worthwhile!

Whether we’re struck by a major event, like fire, flood, or burglary it is essential to have as much information as possible about our belongings for insurance purposes. With that in mind, I went searching for the best way of preparing a Home Inventory to share with you.

If you are not a tech fan, don’t fret. The old-fashion way of doing it is pretty simple: using a form or spreadsheet, insert all your belongings, room by room, date of purchase, the price paid and if possible, with a copy of the receipt, at least for your major items. Save it to your computer and ideally, have an online computer backup like Carbonite, that will store all your information and that allows easy access in case you need it.

We have our own home inventory and it was done using a video camera, a three ring binder, pocket dividers and a DVD pocket holder. With these tools, we were able to prepare for the multiple moves we make. Later we “upgraded” to an online service.

Here are some tools available that you may want to explore before you decide what works best for you:

– Know Your Stuff – Free Online Tool for Your Inventory

– Stuff Safe – Free Online Tool

– A Safe Spot

Now, other options:

– Stuff Safe – Free Online Tool

Delicious Library, a Software for Mac is ideal if you want to catalog all your items, just by scanning the bar code. This applies to all your electronics (attention, since many bar codes, come in the packaging, you may have to do some leg work here), books and DVDs.

If you still prefer to have a professional come and help you with your home inventory, make a search of your city/State and home inventory services. This will bring a list of local professionals, that you can call and ask for an estimate.

Now, go on and prepare yourself for whatever comes your way.

Download your Home Inventory Template here.



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