What To Look For When Shopping For Drawer Organizers

I went shopping for a project and I was looking for the best drawer organizers for my client, when out of my frustration I decided to record this quick video with a tip for you.

One of the hardest things to find when shopping for this organizing gadgets is that they ALL come with a slanted side and rims. Why, I ask, why? 🙂

When you have the angled, slopped sides of the container and/or a rim you’re basically wasting space in areas that are usually “tight quarters” and where you’re trying to store as much as possible, such as bathroom and kitchen drawers.

See what I mean in the super short video below. Then check my favorite drawer organizers right below the video.

Martha Stewart used to have this awesome home organizing product line at Kmart, but unfortunately it was discontinued and we can’t find it anymore.

As a smart cookie as she is, she made sure her drawer dividers had no rims, no slopped sides and were easily stackable.

So, for now we’re doomed to work with and make the best of  the “eat inches of my drawers and shelves” containers out there.

I’ll keep an eye on the shelves for you and as soon as I find one just like this I’ll share with you.


A great alternative, but still not ideal because of the thickness of its sides, is the expandable bamboo drawer organizer.

I love the look and feel of it, it’s very practical and I have used it with many clients who continue to be happy with it.

You can also stack them easily if your drawer height allows it.

And, if you find a line of drawer organizers like this share the brownies with me, and please let me know. I use these products all the time and will love to have them available again for my clients.

Happy organizing!




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