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My motto is: every item has a family and every family has a house! This means that everything you own or that goes through your home has a way of being sorted in categories and each category has a place to be stored – permanently or not. The same goes for your papers. So let’s take a look of some paper organizing products you can use.


Tools of the Trade:


organizing products

Tray to collect mail A good sorting station: When your mail comes into your home where do you process it? Or do you simply put it down until you get to it? No matter what system you have in place, having a tray or container to house everything will make it simpler when you finally get to it. Define a time to go through your mail, better if weekly, and empty the container completely. Remember, it’s a collection spot, not a filing center!



Tickler File – JOYS – A great way to have everything that will happen in the near future handy and organized! I love mine, it saves me a ton of time and everything that will require any type of action on my part goes in there: payments, phone calls, scheduling, coupons. I use the Tickler File from JOYS super easy to set up and to keep, all by Cathy Anderson. There’s a plus: everything from Cathy not only works smoothly, it’s also gorgeous! And that’s a plus you can’t pass when it comes to something you’ll see everyday. 😉


organizing products

File Cabinet, or in my case, Mesh File Cart! Yes, for my household and daily activities on household management I use the Elfa mesh filing cart. It’s super easy to keep, I see everything, I can easily slide it in and out and when I’m done with work, all I need to do is roll under my desk and it’s out of sight. It also has a nice attachment that goes on the side, where I can keep my notebooks.


Now if you need a more traditional there are several options on the market and I have used -with clients- from Ikea to Ballard Design and they all work well, depending on your space, needs and budget.

organizing products

Make sure you keep notepads, sticky notes, pens, pencils, paper clips and tape close to your Paper and Mail Collection Center and you are ready to go!

I use a ceramic jar I made when living in Japan, in one of our trips to pottery making centers with friends. It’s a great way of keeping the memories of good times close by!

I hope these organizing products help you get your papers a home!

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