On most households with children, coming in and out of the house can generate enough chaos to make you forget what you need, what you were doing before your little one dropped the milk and to make you feel like you are never on control of things.

As a mother of three young boys, if I don’t pay attention, things can spiral out of control pretty quickly in the morning, and when we come back home to homework routines.

Because I want to enjoy more time doing the things I like, with the people I love and I want my house to feel good, I created what I call Mommy Central.

Mommy Central is a place, close to your most used door, for your “landing” and “take-off”, where you will have the following items, readily available for daily use. With these tools in place, you will be able to smooth the morning and afternoon routines and help the kids develop responsibility for their belongings.

Wall hooks for coats, jackets and backpacks – there is a huge array of types of hooks and you can get very creative with them, by using cute drawer knobs, painted in different colors, installed at different heights, or just buy a ready-made one (usually around $20.) and hang it on the wall.

Shoe storage solution – Ikea cubby bench, revolving shoe tower, behind the door shoe storage, a small, inexpensive bin for each child, anything to curb the clutter and dust from the shoes.
– Gloves, hats and scarves storage area: bins, baskets, see-through mesh bags hang on hooks on the inside of a closet door.

File box with labeled files for each child, teacher, volunteering activity you participate and school communications. If your children have additional activities like sports, music, arts, tutoring, include an extra labeled manila type folder inside the file with their names. You can use a color for each child to make it even easier to find! Cute Pencil Cups!

A calendar – in my case, because our Mommy Central is on a very visible area, where guests will walk through when going to the powder room, I decided to use a table top one, from Post it. You can use anyone you like and that works for you, on the wall or table top. Table top calendar solution.

A message board – I use a magnetic one to avoid push-pins falling on the floor and causing accidents. Shoe Storage Bench: Make it yours!

Pencils and pens, paper clips and small Post it notesCute Pencil Cups!

Two magazine holders for each child, labeled with their names.
o One for school materials that don’t need to go back to school every day, like a language class book, called “BRING TO SCHOOL”; and another one for the work they did in class, tests etc. that comes home in their folders, “LEAVE AT HOME”.

Have fun with it and remember that this project is a time and money well invested: you will have less stress, your home will look organized, function better and you won’t be complaining with the kids all the time. One less thing on your list!

Product Options:

Ikea Expedit ($69.00) – can be used standing or sideways. If standing, you can use the side of it to install hooks for jackets and backpacks, to hang your calendar and message board. Is a very versatile product that always looks good and delivers! The most versatile IKEA Product ever!

Ikea shoe storage bench – I have an older model, that has cubbies, and it has served us for a very long time and still going strong. You can paint it in any color and have a cushion made too! Now Ikea has this model it’s a great solution for only $49.00. Shoe Storage Bench: Make it yours! Or get one already done!

Revolving shoe tower – This has been a new solution for us and it’s working great, because the boys ‘see” it and use it. Plus, they have fun turning the tower! It’s available in several heights, finishes and it’s very easy to assemble.

Message board – You can find all sorts of message boards on stores these days. From Ballard Desings to Target you will find all shapes and prices! If you have small kids, stick to magnetic boards. Kids love to use the push pins and accidents will most likely happen, even more, if like us, you don’t wear shoes inside the house. Real Estate in San Diego

Calendars – again, the selection is huge. Go with your house flow and pick one you like. Here are some Mommy favorites! Up a notch calendar!

 Here our own version!






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