Inspiration on Organizing & on Living a Better Life

Every week I read and go through so many of my colleagues and fellow bloggers’ posts. Some are new, some are old “reading friends” of my Saturday morning reading routine.

Life can get on the way of sharing their wisdom, insights and tips, and I decided to start listing them here for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You’ll see that there’s more than “organizing” in my list, and that’s OK. Diversifying my reads, opens my heart and my mind to how others see the world and to better understand people.

Grab your favorite drink and enjoy!

Seth Godin – Reckless abandon (is neither) – @ThisIsSethsBlog

Just go, and be reckless!

Geralin ThomasFrom Hoarding to Hope – @Metrozing

James Clear – How to Stop Procrastinating – @james_clear

The Organizing BoutiqueThe Procrastinator’s Guide To Getting Organized – @life_on_track

Nacho Organiza –  Para Qué Contratar Un Organizador Profesional – @Nachorganiza

Smart Happy Organizing – Tidy and Messy at the Same Time – A Look at OCPD and Hoarding @orgspaceforyou via @SmartHapOrg

Zen Habits – A Simple, Powerful Self-Compassion Method – @zen_habits

Want to form a new habit? Join here.

Becoming Minimalist – The Investments We Make Into Our Lives – @JoshuaBecker

INC. – How to Make Sure Your Work Does Not Define You –  via @inc

A couple of articles and talk around sleep this week. I was a “crazy” about my kids’ sleeping schedule and I know that *I* need a lot of sleep to be on the happy side of life. What about you? Or your kiddos?

Schools & Sleep – Why More Schools Are Letting Their Students Sleep In – @HuffingtonPost

Arianna Huffington – My Conversation With Co-Sleeping Expert James McKenna – @ariannahuff

Elite DailyYou’ll Be Happier, Less Stressed And Richer If You Take Daily Naps

Elizabeth Gilbert – Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating – @GilbertLiz


Have a beautiful week.

Much love.

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