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Every week I read and go through so many of my colleagues and fellow bloggers’ posts. Some are new, some are old “reading friends” of my Saturday morning reading routine.

Life can get in the way of sharing their wisdom, insights, and tips, and I decided to start listing them here for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Grab your favorite drink and enjoy.

This week…

Working with clients, “recovering” from a trip to LA for #NAPO2015 (awesome!) and preparing for an upcoming keynote speaking engagement at the Brazilian Professional Organizing Conference (almost 700 organizers? Super exciting!) are making me stay even more focused and productive. The key to getting it done? Love & Grit.

Saturday morning talks with hubby, walk and reads are a great way to unwind, change gears and recharge.

What are you doing to replenish your soul and unwind the mind?

Read on!

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Ted – The Key to Success? Grit – via @TedTalks  by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth

James Clear – How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals – @james_clear

Nacho OrganizaNapo2015 Ser Mejor Organizador – @Nachorganiza

The Other Side of Organized – Two of the Most Powerful Clutter Concepts – @LindaSamuels

The Organizing Boutique – Book Launch! – The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Organized – @life_on_track

Marie Forleo – Conscious Parenting: What Parents Can Do To Raise Conscious Children – @marieforleo

The Story of Telling – Your Work is a Gift – @bernadettejiw

Zen Habits – Don’t Waste Your Opportunity  – @zen_habits

No Sidebar – Why following your passion might be the wrong path for you.  – @nosidebar

FurtherAre you an influencer? – @brianclark

Thrive – Change your life  @ariannahuff

Have a great weekend and may we all thrive.


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