Fathers Day Quotes & Planner

Every year I look for beautiful Fathers day quotes that I use for inspiration to create a nice printable to frame for this special day.

It’s a simple way to decorate our dinning area for the occasion and display something sweet for my hubby who is an amazing father to our boys.

As the kids grow so does the relationship between them, and this year it was really special to see them laughing over silly jokes, playing Frisbee, spending time watching movies and talking about their day at the dinner table. I feel so privileged to watch them grow as father and sons.

My favorite quote this year is the Irish blessing that says:

[Tweet “When I count my blessings, I count you twice. “]

Do you have a favorite quote? I will love to know!

You can also download the Fathers’ day planner following this link.

The planner has 5 pages and includes everything you need to plan to celebrate the date with family and friends, make crafts with the kids and plan what gifts to get for the dads in your life.

Looking for a gift? Check these clutter Fathers’ day gift ideas here

Fathers’ Day Quotes







Download the Fathers’ Day quotes here.

Fathers’ Day Planner

Download the fathers’ day planner here.

Enjoy the Fathers Day quotes above and print them to frame if you wish.

Have a loving and happy Fathers’ Day!

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