Closet Organizing with Kids & Helpers

I only know busy mothers! We all work so hard to keep the house organized, functional and of course, beautiful.

Have you ever thought “if I could only organize my closet and keep it this way”? Or maybe you have helpers around the house, like a nanny who takes care of your children after school and they never seem to put things back where they belong, just creating more work and frustration on keeping your home organized. Closet organizing tips for the busy mom is the perfect solution. Everyone will know where things go and you will start seeing the progress steadily and surely!

Well, I’m working with a lovely family and the Folding Instructions & Storage you’ll see below is a small part of what we’re working on, but it will bring changes in the household routine as everyone now knows how to fold and store, and most importantly where to store the girls clothes.

We will print it and frame and this cute infographic will be placed over the newly organized chest of drawers in the girls’ rooms.

We are very happy with the amazing work of organizing the home and creating the spaces my clients always wanted: a beautiful home – which they always had – de-cluttered and organized!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll love to hear your comments below! Did you like these instructions? Would you and your family benefit from one?



Folding storage instructions - Keep the kids' closet organized.



Did you like the closet organizing tips? Do you think having instructions for the ones helping around the house can be a solution to messy drawers?

Leave your comments below, share with your friends!

To your success!



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