Kitchen Organizing Tips That Save You Time Daily

Organizing the most used spaces in your home will help you stay on track with whatever new year’s resolution you have set for yourself. I personally find that when my kitchen and my home-office are free of clutter and well organized, I can tackle my days more easily and without hiccups.

Knowing what’s in my pantry, the family routine and that our bills are paid, the files organized and my calendar is up-to-date gives me a sense of calm and control over life’s daily events.

kitchen organizing tips

To help you start the new year with everything in place, let’s see nine ways you can bring more function and organization to your kitchen:

To quickly organize your kitchen, visually inspect the space and decide which areas need to be focused on.



Mentally divide your kitchen into three sections: cooking space, prep space, and food storage.

Furnace Street Riverfront


Store pots, pans and cooking utensils in the area immediately around your oven to make cooking easier.

Timeless White Kitchen


Use the walls, installing bars or even the ceiling to store your pots and pans.

Seacoast rustic modern kitchen


Saddle Butte


Can’t stand everything out in the open? Install gliding shelves and have all your pots and pans handy and tucked away.

Contemporary Kitchen


Prep food on the largest portion of your countertop, typically next to the kitchen sink.

Trickett Kitchen


If you don’t have a long counter area available, consider bringing a mobile island you can pull in and out to add the extra working space for you.

Alive in San Francisco


Only keep appliances you use daily, like the coffee maker, out on your countertop.

Refined Midcentury


Utilize empty shelves in your pantry for infrequently used appliances and utensils. Clear bins and labels help you quickly find items.



Label each shelf clearly, so everyone knows where things live and easily place them back where they belong.

Kitchen Organization


Designate a place for mail, completed homework and school permission slips if they have a tendency to collect in your kitchen.

Classic White Landmark Home


Keep the “one movement” principle in mind and store the dishes, silverware, glasses and mugs you use on a daily basis near the dishwasher and avoid all that walking and carrying in the kitchen when unloading the washer.

Kosher Kitchen


Set a timer and give yourself 15 minutes to quickly clean up your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at what you can get done.


Pacific Palisades



Kitchen Timer


And there you have it! 9 easy kitchen organizing tips that will certainly improve how your kitchen work and flow for you and your family.

How would you like to save time, every day, for the rest of your life? Check the Home Management Binder and get started today!

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