Garage Organizing – Paint

Keeping Track of Paint, Colors & Rooms

You have done your garage organizing but if you have painted your home you have them: cans, gallons and samples of paint in every shade and color of the rainbow! And even if you have all of them stored safely in your garage, if you ever had to give a wall a quick touch-up maybe you’d have to open all of them to figure out which one would go on that wall, right?

Well, don’t worry because we all have done it and I’ll show you how to take care of the paint when you keep it, how to never paint a blue wall green and if you decide to let go of them, how to safely and environmentally friendly discard them!

Keeping Records of Your Paint

If you have painted the whole house in one single color then it will be a lot easier, but if like many families you have experimented with colors in different areas of your home, then you’ll need a way of keeping track of the colors to avoid confusion when you need to do simple touch-up or order more of that color.

Here are some simple ways of doing it and never again getting frustrated in the corner of your garage!

Create a simple record with accessible materials: paint stirrers, each of your colors, a permanent marker, a brush, something to protect your floor or working surface and a twine or strong thread to keep them together.

  1. Get enough paint stirrers for each of your paint colors at the hardware store.
  2. With a permanent marker write the color brand, name, reference number and the room where it was used on the tip of the stirrer
  3. With a brush paint, each stirrer with its color or just dip it in the can.
  4. Let it dry and finally
  5. Tie all the stirrers together and store them in a safe place – either in the garage with the paint cans or your office – home management center


Easy does it!


Another simple way to keep track of the paint color used in a specific space is to write the paint brand, color name, swatch number on a piece of painter’s tape for quick reference and attach it to the back of an electric outlet cover. You can even add the amount of paint you used in that room for future reference!


Secrets revealed!


Now, if you want to go a little fancier you can explore this great product that you can keep forever with you! It’s called My Color Keeper, and it works as a memory keeper of all the colors used in your home, and you can find it through the website or in the paint section of your store.


  • Twelve cards hold paint samples and information on your home’s room and trim colors.
  • Information on card simplifies paint purchases for touchups or later repainting.
  • Slips into your pocket or purse when shopping for furniture, fabrics, and home accessories.
  • Cards quickly scanned by color scanners for computer matching.
  • All your colors in one place. Makes it easy to work with painters or decorators.
  • Give to your painter or decorator. Provides them with a convenient way to leave you with information on your home’s interior and exterior painted surfaces.
  • Never lose that unique paint color.
  • Remove cards as needed.

And finally, if you have a tiny ammount of paint left in each can, simple store them in small, labeled plastic containers with the same information:

  • Brand name
  • Color name
  • Color reference
  • Room used


If you are doing some garage organizing or not, I hope this post helps you keep track of the paint in your garage and makes it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it!

To your success!

Have a beautiful day, be joyous and tackle that garage!



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