Keeping Track Of Your Telecommunication Accounts

Here at home, I’m the “little engine that could”.

My husband is super busy with work; we have 3 rambunctious boys, I coach professional organizers through my online training, and we also want to enjoy life!

To make life simpler, I keep our documents and all the information I need to manage the household efficiently and as effortlessly as I can.

With cell phones, landlines, and wireless services for tablets being so needed, it’s time to simplify your life by keeping all your accounts listed for when you need information or solve a problem.

This printable can also help you manage the insurance plans for your phones if you hire this service.

A little inside information that made me so happy to know I had insurance for my phone: after crushing my brand new cell phone with the back door of my minivan, I was sure happy I had one AND that I had all the information I needed to get in touch with Sprint in my home management binder, because the phone, well that got destroyed!

Want to make life simpler?

With over 50 forms, checklists, section dividers, and an undated planner for you to download and use it for years to come.

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