One of the best ways to save us time and better manage the cash flow of our personal bank accounts is having a plan for our bill payment. Here are steps you can take to make sure all is paid on time, that you won’t be looking for your bills to pay them and to get more done!

1 – A big improvement in organizing your papers will happen when you make the decision to pay your bills online, through your online banking system. So, if you have been avoiding it, maybe it’s time to review it and just make your life simpler. Enter on your bank website and set up all the bills you want to pay online.

2 – Change the payment dates to the same week, or if you receive your payments every 2 weeks, at least to the same half of the month. You can call all your service providers – like insurance, credit cards and utilities and request for a new payment date.

3 – Most service providers and specially utility companies have a “paperless” option for their bill delivery, so go online, and make sure you select this option. My banking system allows me to sign up to it directly from my online bill payment page. Before you spend time going through each website, check that option and save yourself time! 

4 – Schedule your bill payment through your online banking. Now that you know that all your bills will be paid on the same date/week and that your bills are available online, all you have to do is schedule the payment to be done automatically. To keep yourself on top of things, a couple of days before the due date, you can check each bill online, making sure you’re being charged correctly.

Going through these steps will free up your mind and your time to be more creative, to generate more income, to spend time with loved ones and to never again have to hassle with the pile of bills streaming through your mail box again.

On my last post you’ll find easy steps on how to cut the junk mail from your life for good! if you are joining us now, make sure you do that too.

Helena Alkhas is a Professional Organizer located in San Diego, CA and offers hands-on organizing to local clients and Virtual Organizing to world-wide clients. 
I encourage you to leave your comments and if you feel I can help you with your organizing needs I invite you to contact me at [email protected] Talk with you soon!

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