Getting Ready For Summer

Is your home feeling tired after the long and hard winter? Let’s check some ways you can get your backyard shinning and ready for summer?

Dive in if you’re ready for the season of fun and entertaining!

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Seasonal Maintenance Tips

After a long winter and spring, your patio isn’t at its best. Spend a weekend performing basic seasonal maintenance (or hiring out, if you’re pressed for time) to clean and recharge your patio.

Start by raking any fallen leaves and pruning any dead foliage from plants.

Next, spruce up your landscaping by sowing seeds, reseeding your grass, bringing the tropicals back out of hiding, or planting cheery blooms.

Flowers work well as privacy screens and as focal points, enriching the patio experience on a multitude of levels.



If you have a raised deck, wash it well it to get dirt, dust, and water out from the boards. If you have concrete, sweep it well and tackle any moss and weeds that have sprung up through cracks. Both surfaces need periodic sealing to protect against the elements; you can perform this yourself or hire someone.

Last, uncover or bring your summer furniture out of storage.

Ensure guests will have everything they need during an evening by stocking the area with pillows, blankets, and side tables. Soft, movable furniture works well as guests can arrange it to suit their needs. After months of storage, freshen your outdoor furniture with a wash and ensure that your grill is ready to handle the upcoming season.



Amenities to Make Your Summer Entertaining Season Shine

A fire pit is a classy and low-maintenance alternative to the campfire. You’ll find several portable fire pit types, which are ideal for small yards. If you love the idea of getting everyone together around a fire, consider a built-in fire pit.

Gas fire pits use a natural gas line and require professional installation. These are extremely easy to use as you won’t be fussing with newspaper and wood while busy entertaining. If you prefer rustic chic, create a professionally built stone pit and stock firewood nearby to streamline fire starting when guests are over.



If you’ve got the space for it, a hot tub is such a treat! Prepare a hot tub for the season by cleaning the tub and treating the water with chemicals to balance the pH.



Hot Tub Works also recommends a hot tub cover to keep debris out of your liquid lounge and help the hot tub water stay hotter longer. This way, all you need to do is take off the cover and relax with your guests. To keep this asset low maintenance, hire a hot tub service professional to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on your hut tub.

If you’re a grill buff, take your entertaining to the next level with an outdoor oven or a smoker. Portable smokers work well for the casual enthusiast.



Outdoor ovens are an integral part of an outdoor kitchen and ideal for making brick oven pizzas, baking break, roasting meat, and making outdoor entertaining even easier.

I hope these tips will help you get ready for summer and have a fantastic season!

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