Organization Tips to Transform Your Family Room

Making your family room a happy place for everyone!

No matter if it’s size, a family room needs to have something for everyone, including the kids. But how do you please both the adults who want to kick back in recliners after a long day, and the kids who want to spread out with their toys and video games? Through some careful and creative organization, of course! Make your shared space an area the entire family will want to gather in by utilizing a few simple tips.

Embrace Your Toy Situation

If you have young children, especially toddlers, they usually want to be near you just as much as you want to be near them. But surrendering to the fact that toys are a fact of life doesn’t mean you should roll over and let them take over. Make it a point to donate your kids’ toys every few months to save the valuable real estate for only the toys the children use on a regular basis. You can apply the same concept to your stuff, too. Get rid of those stacks of old magazines and edit your DVD collection regularly to clear valuable shelving space.

Segment the Room

Larger family rooms and living rooms are easy to rearrange to make the space functional for various uses. Even in smaller spaces though it can easily be split up into usable stations with area rugs. Area rugs ground the furniture that is placed around it, making it easy to define a space. Child-size furniture can go in a corner where the kids play. The television and a couple lounge chairs can go in another. A small table and chairs for hosting the family game nights can be segmented off too. There are many different ways your family members live. By letting each exist on its own you can have a place for everything.

Invest in Storage Furniture

Do you have a football toy box living in your family room? It’s time for some new pieces of furniture that embrace both form and function. Ottomans, window seats, benches…For nearly any piece of furniture there’s a version that includes storage. And most of them are the perfect size for children to access their items. Coffee tables and end tables can also be purchased with shelves and drawers that can hold toys.

Meet in the Middle

A lot of times the furniture in a family room is too big, and a single sectional can overwhelm a room. Armless chairs and sofas can take the place of large sofas and can easily be moved around to fit any needs of the day.

Baskets for Everyone

Another age-neutral way to keep unused toys stashed neatly is with decorative baskets and boxes. These can be wicker, wooden, galvanized steel or whatever suits your taste and style. Baskets don’t have to take up floor and table space either. Hang some wooden boxes on the wall& to add depth to the room, suggests

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