Decluttering And Organizing Attics And Basements

Here we are- we only have 8 days left in this challenge! Today we are getting after our “other” rooms, such as our attics, our basements, or our playrooms. Because these rooms often multitask, they can be real clutter magnets in our home. Once we declutter and get these rooms organized, these spaces will work harder for you an make more sense in the way you use them in your daily life.

Let’s get started!

Organizing Attics, Basements and Storage Spaces

How To Organize Attics & Basements

Whether you start in your attic or your basement, the checklist steps are the same. The one thing that you will want to pay attention to in these rooms that we didn’t have to in others is properly storing items for each climate.

  • To begin, think of the basement and attic as basically huge closets. If you go in with this mindset it will make the project seem more manageable
  • Proceed as you did with all of the other closets in your home- Empty shelves, open up boxes and storage tubs. You need to really see what you have in order to be able to truly declutter and organize in here.
  • Create piles of things to toss, donate, or sell.
  • If you have a substantial pile of things to sell once you are finished decluttering in the attic and basement, consider having a yard sale.
  • Now, consider your storage. Anything that can be damaged by moisture or dampness should not be stored in the basement and should be moved that to the attic. Anything stored in the attic should be kept in tightly sealed tubs or cedar chests (if fabric) to prevent moth or mold damage.
  • Remember to store your items in the attic and basement in a way that considers the climate. In the attic heat will probably your worst issue, whereas in the basement you will want to consider moisture and dampness when you are storing items. As you are organizing you may come across items that are in the basement but would be better stored in the attic and vice versa.

Ready to tackle this project? Let’s get started!

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