What Is An Organizing System And Why You Need One

Today we’ll talk about what is and how to create your organizing system. We have been writing about breaking down organizing projects into smaller tasks. So let’s see how you can apply these concepts and adapt them to your home and life.

What is an organizing system? How to create and maintain your organizing systems.

This may seem obvious, even more to people who love organizing or who are organizing professionals, but it may not be for the person who just wants to make use of their home or space.

So let’s look at what an organizing system actually is, how it can help you improve your life, and how you can create, implement, and stick with these systems into your life.

What is an organizing system?

Just like anything we do in life, things tend to run more smoothly when we have a plan. In this way, an organizing system is a sort of workflow for different processes that we do in our daily lives.

Whether we are at home or at work, we all use a series of ordered steps in order to complete tasks.

When we define these steps that we take to complete certain tasks and put them together in an ordered way that we can complete over and over whenever we do such a task, we are creating an organizing system.

How can organizing systems improve your life?

Improve Your Home

In your home organization systems can save you time and money.

When you know what needs to be done when and have a set way to do each thing that needs to be done you will be more efficient and use your time much more efficiently.

Improve Your Health

Clutter and disorder can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and other health problems.

Having organizing systems gives us a way to remain calm in the face of chaos life can bring at times by giving us a map of what needs to be done when giving us a sense of order and control.

Improve Family Life

When we spend less time cleaning, decluttering, and constantly cleaning up and filing away things we don’t really need without a set plan for how to do this in place, we have more time to spend with our families.

Our families also benefit from less stress and better health as well.

Improve Your Wealth

When you have organizing systems in place you have more time to dedicate to the tasks that grow your business, allow you time to tend to a budget, and be more mindful about how you spend your money.

Improve Your Work

Having an organizing system set up for the things that affect your work is like gaining an extra hour or two every day.

The more organized your workspace and workflow is, the more you can accomplish. 

How To Create Organizing Systems

You can create an organizing system for just about anything. Start by looking at the things you do every day or the spaces that you use every day.

Now, ask yourself what you do to accomplish tasks in these spaces or with these routines. Write down all of the steps and then organize them.

Creating a system that is crafted and emerges from the way you already do things will make it easier when it comes to our final, and some might say the most important part of successful organizing systems, sticking to them.

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How To Implement Organizing Systems?

Once you have decided what kids of tsks or spaces in your work or home could benefit from an organization system, you will want to take the organization systems you created and put them into practice.

Each time you do one of these tasks using your organizing system, note if the steps are in the right place for how they should flow and make adjustments where you need to.

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How To Stick With The Organizing Systems You Create

Arguably the most important part of an organizing system, sticking to it. Some people find this the most difficult part of creating a more organized life.

But, if you create your organizing systems the way that we outlined above, you will have a higher rate of success when it comes to following through on what you have put together.

What is an organizing system? How to create and maintain your organizing systems.


Now that you know what an organizing system is and how crucial it is to time and task management, health and well-being, and more, you can begin making the changes you need to make in your life and work that will let you work smarter, not harder and have more time to enjoy with those you love.

What organizing systems would you like to get in place in the new year? Let me know in the comments, or ask me a question!

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