The Smart Mama Beach Bag Packing List

Ahh, summer.

The idea of heading to the beach for some sea, sand, and sun is exciting, but to have a stress-free trip, start with planning what to take to the beach with you.

When planning on a family beach trip, for example, you’ll want to make sure that your beach bag is organized and fully stocked. And I’m not just talking about sunglasses, swimwear, your favorite summer hat, beach towel and sunscreen.

I’m talking about some special items you should include in your list especially if you’re traveling with the family. ( I wrote a full post about going to the beach with kids here)

Here are seven things to take to the beach with you. Let me know if you have other recommendations!

Seven things to take to the beach this summer.

Seven things to take to the beach this summer.

1. SPF Hair Spray Or Hair Oil

When heading to the beach, most people think about protecting the skin and completely forget about protecting the hair from the elements!

A hairspray with SPF is a great product, especially if you have processed or colored hair. You wouldn’t want to leave yours or your family’s hair dry and scorched!

Here is a great list of the best hair products with SPF.

2. Protective, Waterproof Phone Cases

While beach trips are a great way to relax and unplug, unfortunately for some of us, our phones still have to be with us.

Make sure everyone has a protective phone case to protect their precious cellphones from water and sand, or to store valuables like money and small jewelry.

I had an accident with an uncommon big wave that came all the way to our towel once, and it soaked absolutely everything we had on the sand. Lesson learned, and since then I keep everything in ziplock bags inside my beach bag.

3. Snacks To Go

Pack some snacks in the case you or the kids feel like the munchies. When hunger strikes, be it on the way back home or after a long swim, you and your family will have something to munch on.

It’s a great idea to pack light snacks such as trail mix or a nut bars for you and your family.

I always bring a small cooler bag with ice packets with something fresh for after the beach. The sun, ocean and all the activity makes us super hungry and is great to have a sandwich or something like that to eat before we get home.

4. Small Beachy Wristlet

You don’t have to lug your beach tote around if you need to need to go to the bathroom quickly, or if you need to buy something.

So keep a small beach wristlet that can hold your money, phone, keys and other small items. This way you don’t have to carry that large beach bag around!

5. A Lightweight Water Bottle

Stay hydrated while out in the sun. As much as we love summers at the beach, we wouldn’t want to end up feeling dehydrated.

Always bring a trusty, lightweight water bottle with you in your beach bag and remember to drink as much water as you can and enjoy your day at the beach.

6. Waterproof Earphones

Yes, there are plenty of cool waterproof earphones out there now. If you’re not into books or e-readers, you may want to listen to your favorite tunes while soaking up in the sun.

Your kids and husband might want to enjoy their music at the beach too, so make sure your earphones are protected, just like your mobile phones.

7. Summer Reads

I always like to bring something to read with me. The beach is one of the perfect places to relax and have a good read!

If you’re currently not reading anything, you may check out the New York Times’ list of recommended summer reads. While the kids play and swim, you can always lounge on your beach mat under the shade with a good book.

And there you have it! Seven things to take to the beach this summer that I am sure will help you have a much more enjoyable time!

So go ahead and spend some quality time soaking up vitamin D, hanging out with family members at the shore, and sipping drinks by the water.

Surely you will make fun summer memories together!

PS: I will love to know what you take to the beach. Leave me your insider tips below!

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