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Chronic Disorganization has many facets and faces.

While for some organizing means a nicely organized pantry, a functional kitchen, or a streamlined closet, for others organizing means frustration, stress, and anxiety.

You have tried so many times to do it on your own but still, you look around and there’s disorganization everywhere.


  • Your daily life is affected in negative ways by the disorganization in your home and your office.
  • You have tried to get organized, not once but several times until you finally gave up.
  • For years you have lived with severe disorganization that has persisted over a long period of time.
  • You feel you are ready to work with a Professional Organizer who understands your challenges and is prepared to create an environment of trust and respect where you feel safe and secure to create this change in your life.

Here are some common characteristics of Chronic Disorganized Individuals:

  • Accumulations of large quantities of possessions or papers beyond apparent usefulness or pleasure
  • A high degree of difficulty or discomfort letting go of things
  • A wide range of interests, unfinished projects, and incomplete tasks
  • Reliance on visual cues like paper piles or stacks of things as reminders to take action
  • A tendency to be easily distracted or to lose concentration
  • A tendency to lose track of time

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