Professional Organizing Success Stories

These are the testimonials of my wonderful clients, who invited me to help them organize their spaces, bringing clarity to their minds and a lot more time to enjoy doing what they love.

For my clients’ privacy, their names are abbreviated.

I have used Helena’s excellent services for several years now and for two different homes. She always makes things easy for me! She’s a true pro with great organizational skills…we all know that about her…but…. just wait until she comes into your home! It’s an amazing experience. I have used her help in closets, kitchens and home offices… project: the garage! I know it will be a fabulous gift to myself.


Helena is a pleasure to work with. Her skills and “vision” are unbelievable. She made my awkward kitchen functional and so much easier to work in. I’m looking forward to having her work her magic in the rest of the house.


Phenomenal results!
Helena is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she made this whole organizing process so easy.
I followed her on Facebook and read so many of her awesome tips before realizing that I could not really accomplish what I wanted to by myself. Working full-time and trying to keep a household organized is overwhelming — I’m not afraid to admit it!
Hiring Helena to help us was one of the best decisions we ever made — I’m so happy to have the clutter gone and workable systems in place to maintain our “NEW HOME”. Well, we don’t actually have a new home…but it feels like it now!
We started with the kitchen and worked our way down the list. It sounds simple — but even putting new sliding shelves in the pantry and cabinets was a blessing. We were so buried in not being able to find anything that we were not only wasting a lot of food but not using a lot of our dishware, kitchen appliances, etc. because they were too hard to get to…now we can see everything. Helena gave us a lot of ideas and helped us implement ways to make the kitchen, fridge, etc. more efficient. I feel like I’m on a cooking show now – LOL.
We moved through the rest of the house easily and again, Helena just made it easy.
Real quick about starting because this was important for us — she came to the house first to look and then after we agreed to the priorities and ideas, Helena actually purchased all of the items for the organizing (put it on our invoice) so we didn’t get paralyzed trying to make decisions about things that she was better qualified to take care of….easy.
We are very happy and friends that saw the before//after call our home ‘the HGTV’ home — we love it!


I give Helena 10 stars! She has changed my life and my kid’s life… kids were getting older and needed more space. It was time to get rid of their toys and make room in their bedroom/closets for school supplies, electronics and clothes. Their closet/rooms was just not big enough to hold all their belonging (at least that’s what I thought before Helena). It was a true blessing to get a referral to Helena (that is how I found her). The transformation to the kid’s rooms was truly amazing. She has an eye for organizing all kinds of spaces. I love the organizing supplies she suggested. She even gave me great ideas with decorating their room to make it more functional. I hope to have her start organizing my garage soon…I can’t stand walking into the garage.


If you want to bring your home and life into peaceful order, I have 2 words…”Hire Helena”. She is a fantastic organizer, business person and human being. I couldn’t recommend her more. We have loved having her help in our new home.We have moved several times in the 20 (something) years we’ve been a family. The move to San Diego from the Midwest last fall was an exciting adventure that we were ready for. The moving company that we hired however, left much to be desired. To put it mildly, they were terrible. In reminiscing, I have said they might as well have used a backhoe and shovel our neatly organized house into the truck, shaken it across the country and dumped it into our garage. Worst physical move ever!
Thank goodness that I found Helena’s Professional Organizing business in my Google search. She was kind and helpful from the very beginning. We worked together to bring order and reason back to our home and lives. It seemed an impossible task in the beginning, but with Helena’s help, soon the spaces we focused on became organized and  liveable.
This kind of work can be very personal and difficult to manage, but Helena made it simple and smooth. We have worked very hard and achieved so much in a very short amount of time.
I highly, highly recommend hiring ‘A Personal Organizer‘ and Helena’s awesome organizing and business skills. We are forever grateful to her.


Helena has been a true blessing! I feel very fortunate to have found her and to utilize her services. So many words can be used to describe Helena. So let’s begin…

Helena is patient, knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, respectful, creative, resourceful, visionary, organized, motivating… and so much more. If you are overwhelmed by your need to organize, you owe it to yourself to review Helena’s bio (very impressive… and let me say it again… knowledgeable). You will have that proverbial “weight” lifted from your shoulders. Thank you, Helena, for all you have done for me!


Helena, thank you for your professional assistance, kindness and patience. It has been such a joy working with you. I couldn’t have done any of it without you. You opened my eyes to things I never thought would be possible. Looking forward to working with you on our new projects.


Helena Alkhas is a fabulous personal and professional organizer! She is helping my clients and I HIGHLY recommend her. (I can’t wait to have her help me with my home! She can assist in many areas of planning and organinzing whether it’s in preparation for a move or getting a home ready to sell!”

Mary Chaparro, Real Estate Agent San Diego, CA

Home organizing is big and messy a job! I am convinced of that. This is where finding Helena, a local, San Diego based professional organizer, who looked beyond the obvious and created a well-functioning space, turned out to be massive help!

The challenge was to break down my established and well-functioning office, work process, files, books, and personal stuff I accumulated over the years, move it, and reset it up all up at home. Since I haven’t had a real home office in years, my family had to make room for it all without just piling up boxes in the garage. In addition, I could not use any furniture or office equipment from the work office. Everything had to be researched, found, purchased and setup. Luckily for me, Helena, while new to San Diego, was not new to professional organizing. Her experience was obvious from the first time we met. She evaluated the space, took detailed notes and measurements, figured out what I did and how I worked and returned with a well thought out, and I must add a very “official” looking proposal titled “Project Assessment & Product Recommendation, Professional Organizing Services”.

A mouthful, but in laments terms, it was a 14 page long complete guide (…) how to create workflows and make it all work. Executing this to-do list was easy. As an end result, I ended up with a home office space that I love, it works well, radically helps my productivity, and there is no way I could have come up with anything even close. As for the rest of the house, the impact was not only minimal, but was very positive. It saved me lot’s of time, money and headache trying to do create it myself. As an added bonus, my daughter got a new space in the house just for her toys and play things and insists doing homework at her desk that is setup in my office, and enjoys our new space as much as I do. Thanks Helena!


Dear Helena,

I want to thank you for your work in getting my kitchen organised.

I contacted you because no matter how often I tidied and de-cluttered, I never got the kitchen to a state where everything had its place and the work surfaces were free. Some of the items standing around had a place but it was just too inconvenient to reach, so they were never put away. I was sceptical if you could really change this or if we just had to move or build an extension.

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Everything in our kitchen has not only a place but is stored where we are most likely to use it. Nothing is stored on the worktops. We have now lived with this new order for a couple of months and I can truly say it is a sustainable solution. With two small kids in the house it does get messy and not everything is being put away straight away. The beauty of our transformed kitchen is that it does not matter, because when I have a moment it takes so much less time to get everything sorted. An added bonus is that because of this clear structure all items end up in their place no matter if I, my husband or the cleaner put them away. One question my friends ask me when they see the new kitchen is, if I had to buy lots of things to get it that organised. I did not; I only bought a few new shelves and divider.

I happily recommend you and your work. I love your energy and structured way of working. You grasped the space and its problems immediately, even though we live in two different parts of the world and you could only see it on Skype and video. Thank you for solving the daily battle with our kitchen.

Katrin, Virtual Client, London

Thank you for the great session Helena. It far exceeded my expectations. Skype worked so well to “getting” you into my kitchen. Looking forward to implementing  Hire Helena Alkhas. I never realised how much value a professional organiser can add until I worked with her. Everything in its place, according to where it is used and we did not need any extra space!!!”

Katrin, Virtual Client, London

I called Helena for help at a very difficult time following the deaths of my parents and my sister. I was Executor of their estates and, after clearing out their homes, I had accumulated a lot of objects and papers- some of which had great sentimental value and some of which I needed to settle their financial affairs. I have a small home with very little storage space and much of this “stuff” had been shoved in my son’s room while he was away at college. Facing the task of organizing and clearing out this space made me feel sad, guilty and overwhelmed. Helena understood my needs and the situation. Using great sensitivity and patience she helped me re-claim my son’s room before he came home for the summer. Working with an organizer requires trust and good communication. Helena is a lovely person who is easy and comfortable to work with. I highly recommend her services. I just wish she was still on the East Coast because I have more projects I need her help with!


Helena is a bright, energetic and passionate professional organizer who made a huge difference for me and my family through her joy, clarity and commitment to help me get organized. Helena helped me analyze my family’s use of our space. Then, she helped me get the “stuff” cluttering our home environment either put in its correct place or out of the way altogether. The process with Helena was a key step so that I could then start my new business. Helena makes getting and staying organized enjoyable and simple! I wholeheartedly recommend Helena and her organizing business.”


Helena is a professional, efficient, and creative organizer. She helped me de-clutter my life and to make spaces in my home both beautiful AND functional.”


Helena has transformed my basement into a space I can use on a daily basis for my crafts and chores. It was covered in clutter from over 30 years and I couldn’t even walk into it. Now I can do it and find all I need. She sorted and labeled every single container and I love it. We worked side-by-side with me and she is such a great company and always in great mood. I truly looked forward to our sessions and I will always remember her as I use my new space!”


I used Helena’s services several times. She is a wonderful person and professional organizer. She helped me clear the clutter from my house and my life! I could see a major change after each session and she taught me how to maintain my routines, so I can keep the spaces nice and organized.”


When Helena came to work for us, we couldn’t even sit to watch tv or even eat in our kitchens. In only a few sessions she changed our lives! She was very flexible with our busy schedules and did everything we needed to get our lives and home back. She’s honest, professional and totally reliable.”


Helena assisted me with one of my clients. She jumped right in and was a great help to me and my client. She was a valuable asset to my project.

Alisa Levy, Owner & Professional Organizer at Embrace Your Space, MD

Helena was referred to me by another Professional Organizer from MD and I highly recommend Helena now to all my friends. She has helped me organize my whole house, has worked with my daughter who has special needs and now she just finished helping me pack my entire house and relocate my daughter due to my deployment. Helena is a great person, very easy to get along and always ready to help you.”


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