Starting Your Professional Organizing Business

When I first started in the organizing industry I was so happy to find plenty of information on the web however, it was all over the place. If you are just starting or if your business is young and you’re looking forward to giving it a boost, consider these resources to become a Professional Organizer.

Starting Your Professional Organizing Business

Before you take off and go work with a client you must create your business. Make sure you educate yourself well on the various options of IRS  you have to make the best choice according to your plans and current personal situation. State legislation varies widely and you should discuss with a CPA what your options are. Another source of information is

State legislation varies widely and you should discuss with a CPA what your options are. Another source of information is

IRS – You will find all the information you need to educate yourself on business structures and their requirements on the IRS website. I love this site exactly because I can find anything here when it comes to my business. Go to the link or when on their main page, click on “business”. Then, look for the bar on your left where you’ll find all you need to start your professional organizing business.

Selecting your Company’s Name

To register your business you’ll need to have a name for your future company. This is no small task and I see it just as picking the name of a child. You should love the name, it should be clear about the service you provide and hopefully, it will be unique. You must research – at least in your State, to make sure it is available, that there isn’t another company under the same name, and if you prefer to make a national search to make sure that if one day your company goes national, you can do it without concerns.

A good way to brainstorm on a name is to focus on the type of service you want to provide, the niche you want to serve and the main words that would describe who you are, what you want your clients to experience, the results you want to bring and how you want to be remembered. All this can be a source of inspiration when choosing a name. Also, consider how your name will go along with your personal image.

Registering your Professional Organizing Business

You can take two routes here: DIY or hire someone to do it for you. If you can navigate the web, you can do it yourself. First, Google “how to register LLC/DBA etc. in the name of your State/County”, then follow the link to get the instructions. In MD for example, you’ll find the information on the site of the MD Department of Assessment and Taxation. In CA, to register a DBA you need to file with the County Clerk, so as you can see, it will vary from State to State. The same with San Diego for a DBA.

If however, you prefer to outsource this service, I had a positive experience with and would use them again. Please, educate yourself and make the choice that best fits your personal situation.

Register Your Domain, Build Your Website

Find the perfect domain name for your professional organizing business.
Find the perfect domain name for your professional organizing business.

I absolutely love this part! Once you register your domain you should look for a reliable hosting company to host your website and your future blog. While you don’t need an elaborate website, you will want a simple one with a landing page explaining your services, who you are and how to contact you.

Read how to take care of this part and start a blog here.


A very important part of your business will be to keep all records of income and expenses up to date. Make it a habit to log all this information as it happens or at least weekly. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed if you don’t. If you’re not a fan of papers, have no inclination to keep records or aren’t sure on how to do it correctly, this is one expense that is all worth the money invested. You can find great bookkeepers in your area through colleagues or if you need an online source to find one, you can use

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant can take work that will consume your precious time with your clients from your hands, and bring professional results for a rate that is all worth it if you are feeling like you are always running against the wind. Again, asking for referrals is a great option.

Business Plan

Before you start working, getting really busy and never having time again to work on a plan, give yourself the gift of time to write yours. It’s a very important tool and you’ll be happy you did it because not having your business plan is like navigating out on the ocean without a GPS!

You’ll invest your money in the wrong channels, you won’t focus on your target because you don’t have one, you will lose your time and energy.

You should have a good understanding of who you will work for, how is your market, who are your competitors, what language to use on your communication, what are your strengths and weakness, what are your tools and on and on, but you can only know this if you have a plan.

  • – excellent and free source of information and advice.

National Professional Associations

NAPO – The National Association of Professional Organizers congregates about 4,200 professional organizers and offers training and information for both, Professional Organizers and the public.

ICD – ICD’s mission is to benefit people affected by chronic disorganization and they offer an amazing schedule of weekly teleclasses which will prepare you further to work with your clients and deeper your understanding on their needs and challenges. I highly recommend becoming a subscriber and signing up for the teleclasses.

BCPO – BCPO® – Certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort that benefits the members of the organizing profession, as well as the public. It is a recognition of professionals who have met specific minimum standards, and proven through examination and client interaction that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification.


You don’t need to be certified or have 1500 hours of work to start organizing clients. If you hear or read that anywhere, that’s an incorrect statement.


Professional Organizer Coach/Mentor

Consider hiring a business coach to guide you through the process of building an expanding your organizing business.

– You’ll benefit from their experience, learn the ins and outs of the trade as well as build a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

– You’ll feel accountable and will generate more results knowing someone you admire and aspire is waiting for you to “report back” with your accomplishments.

– You’ll be able to review your plans, but most importantly, start with a solid base.

There are many colleagues coaching Professional Organizers today, so take your time, do your research, talk with colleagues, and schedule an individual session to find your fit.

I have coached with Geralin Thomas since my early days and every call has given me the answers I needed to move forward. Later I took training specific to the organizing industry, like The Coach Approach, as well as courses and certificates in areas like online business and digital marketing. Being a well-rounded entrepreneur has been very important for my professional development and business success.

Developing Your Coaching Skills as a Professional Organizer


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