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My friends, students, and clients tell me I break things down in a way that makes them simple to understand and easy to implement.

I also became that go-to person when they want to know what’s the best tool, tactic, or strategy for their business, what’s the latest on social media, or how to grow their blog and email list.

With my experience in corporate, marketing, and an MBA allied with 10 years as an entrepreneur, I learned that it takes a lot more than a love for organizing -or designing or decorating- to create a successful organizing business.

Since 2010, I have built a successful organizing business and an online training program for professional organizers and lucky for you, I compiled the step-by-step process to get your business off the ground in no time.

Success doesn’t happen overnight but with self-confidence, your work and dedication, and the right systems and tools in place, it will be inevitable.

Whether you are just starting out or already have an organizing business, I have trained hundreds of women around the globe on how to launch, promote and grow a successful organizing business. Schedule your business coaching session now.

Tools of the Trade By Helena Alkhas - A Personal Organizer

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