Professional Organizer Advice & Great Graphic to show us why.

How multitasking actually hurts us.

So you thought Multitasking would take far ahead, hum? Well don’t be so quick and please, stop and read ONLY this page right now! 🙂

Check how this infographic from Mashable posted on Mashable explains what happens to our poor brains when we go about trying to cut corners and how much time we actually lose by trying to do many things at once!

When we stop one activity to take care of say, a phone call, we’re actually distracting our brains from the focused attention we were given that specific activity and now the effort to go back to it makes you actually lose time!

I am a mother, wife and work as a Professional Organizer which means I have – like gazillions of women out there – a huge array of activities I have to give my attention to. From my own self-care to my kiddos field-trip authorization cards, all needs to get done and what I realized is that if I try to do it all at the same I get very distracted and end up forgetting very important things – like that authorization card!

I have learned that even though the world keeps screaming at us with endless information and very attractive products we need to silence and pause our minds to be able to perform at our best. Also, that we tend to multitask the most when we don’t know where we’re heading to. Kind of “start shooting everywhere”, you know?!

Now, let’s focus on the infographic that brought you here in the first place!
































































































































I hope you find it informative and helps you focus on one thing at a time from now on! If you like it, please leave your comments below! When do you tend to multitask the most?

To your success!

Be joyous and have a great day!



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