The Home Management Binder

& Thrive Family Planner

Companions for a life with purpose.  

You can go about your life stumbling on every little task and pile of clutter or you can live it with clarity and purpose.  

Creating your Home Management Binder moves from "fire fighter" mode to being on complete control of your daily life. You can actually sleep at night knowing that everything that needs to be done, is now planned. You know the who, what and where for every aspect of your life.

Much more than a planner, a central place for everything you do for your family. 

The Home Management Binder includes the current year of Thrive - Family Planner.


Over 100 pages of meticulously curated and professionally designed checklists, forms, planning guides, and calendars to organize your life in one place.


  • Yearly & Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly un-dated Calendar with hourly increments plus 
  • Added space each day for notes
  • Space for you menu planning 
  • Daily tasks
  • Previous and upcoming month view
  • Dates to Celebrate


  • Your Big Picture-Goal Setting
  • Daily Chores Checklists
  • Weekly Chores Checklists
  • Monthly Chores Checklist
  • Yearly Chores Checklists
  • Get Ready for the Week Checklist


  • Pantry Inventory
  • Fridge Inventory
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Menu & Grocery Planner
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Favorite Take-out Places


  • Family Contacts 
  • Friends Contacts 
  • Neighbors Contacts 
  • Utilities Contacts 
  • Maintenance & Repair Services Contacts 
  • Telecommunication Contacts, 
  • Insurance Companies 


  • School Information Central 
  • Sports & After-School Activities 
  • School Lunch Menu Mix&Match 
  • Sitter & Nanny Information 
  • Sitter & Nanny Contacts 
  • Playgroups & Playdates Contacts 
  • School Break & Vacation Camps 
  • Back-to-School Supplies Shopping List 
  • Back-to-School Clothing Shopping List 
  • College - 3 forms

What Clients Say 

"I have purchased the Purposeful Life Planner, it is fantastic. Really looking forward to getting all of it in place, especially using the Sunday Planner checklist, which will help plan the week ahead and keep us on track. Thank you Helena - A Personal Organizer, this is a really cost-effective way to help bring order and organisation to your home."

"You’ve done a beautiful job of putting together a well-organized way to assemble a lot of information! I’ve reviewed all of the pages of your Purposeful Life Planner and will be using much of this as I organize info for my cousin as we deal with her health issues and probably her inevitable move into Assisted Living. 

It’s a great starting point instead of piles of papers strewn on her dining room table and desktop. My goal is to have all important information in one notebook that can be easily carried to medical appointments, and to keep info together when she needs to move."

Living With Purpose 

These beautifully and professionally designed forms and checklists will help you get your life organized, for every area and every season. 

You Have a Lot To Take Care For

The Purposeul Life Planner simplifies it all. 

Over 100 pages of forms, checklists, calendars and section dividers to get you and stay organized.

Have all the information you need to manage your daily life and your home efficiently and without stresses.

Helena Alkhas

A Word From The Author

"Hey, there! If you are here good chances are you live a very busy life and have a lot to manage on your plate. 

Maybe you feel your life have many moving parts and that it ca be hard to keep track of things. I know because that's how I felt and that's how so many of my clients did. 

The Purposeful Life Planner was born to put all pieces in its place and give you peace of mind, knowing where things are, where your family should be and at what time. 

Believe me, once you implement this system you will ask yourelf how you did it without it.”

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