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To all my friends and readers on the East Coast I am sending my good thoughts and wishes that you’re safe and sound at home.

I have been following the weather channels and is not a pretty sight. As I have young kids and one of my concerns when preparing for an emergency is keeping my ability to communicate with the “outside” if I need to ask for help, I was happy to learn that I can actually connect my Twitter account to send messages via SMS. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account you’ll be able to use this feature.

According to @BreakingStorm “You don’t need a Twitter account to get important tweets sent to your phone. Just text the word “Follow [username]” to 40404 on a U.S.-based phone. For instance, if you want to receive tweets from @BreakingStorm and you don’t have a Twitter account, text “Follow capitalweather” to 40404.

If you live around D.C., other Twitter accounts that might be good for this Fast Follow feature include


@BreakingStorm,@BreakingStorm and @BreakingStorm. We’ve got a whole Twitter list here.”

Here is @BreakingStorm for the entire post in The Washington Post showing all the details to get it done.

I hope you don’t need it and that all goes well!


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  1. A list of contacts to ask for help during or on the aftermath of a disaster is very important. It’s great that you’ve learned how to use Twitter to connect to the outside and sharing it here. Being prepared means life in times of disaster.

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