7 Days to Declutter Your Life With Feng Shui

7 Days to declutter your life with Feng Shui

Choose either one day’s worth of adjustments or the whole week and enjoy feeling the change of energy!


Clear any clutter underneath your bed. Vacum (unless you are pregnant). Put fresh linens on your bed. Dust your bedroom. Treat yourself to a bouquet of colorful fragrant flowers for your bedroom.


Wash your front door and threshold. De-clutter inside and outside your front door. Treat yourself to a colorful, beautiful new doormat.


Go in and out of your front door for 9 consecutive days opening yourself up to new opportunities. Make sure to ring the door bell and announce yourself as you cross the threshold.


Treat yourself to a wind chime to “ring in” new opportunities and blessings. You don’t have to wait for the breeze to ring it, you can jingle it with your hands, too.


Polish all of your mirrors (and mirrored furniture) and enjoy the sparkling light. Put flowers or candles in front of your mirror and “double” the beauty. Make sure your mirrors aren’t reflecting any clutter or any “ugly” view, though.


Clean all your windows (or hire someone to do it for you). Celebrate by hanging Swarovski crystal spheres in each window to make gorgeous rainbows! BTW, make sure you hang genuine crystal NOT the cheap glass or plastic to get the Feng Shui value.


Take quiet and restful time for yourself-take a nap, a long bath, meditate, chant, write in your journal, whatever you love.


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  1. Great tips. Someone told me always having fruit in a bowl or dish on the dinning table to ensure abundance, if you don’t want to put fresh fruit you can use wax or plastic fruits the more realistic the fruit the more effective, so I always have apples on a fruit bowl.

    1. Nacho, I do the exact same thing and have taught my mom the same. Always lots of fruits on the table! 🙂

    2. Dear Nacho, you’ll “double” that abundance by putting a large mirror at the side of your dining table 🙂 Also, oranges represent gold in Feng Shui and apples represent peace. Enjoy!

  2. Love this simple way to make a feng shui difference!

    1. Ellen, I also find it so interesting how simple adjustments can make such great difference in our daily lives. Plus, it’s so much easier to be more creative and calmer in a decluttered space, right?!

    2. Gwynne Warner says:

      Dear Ellen, me too! Especially when so many folks are so overwhelmed these days. But good energy attracts more and more of the same and then the practice of Feng Shui is such a joy!

  3. What a coincidence! Guess who is having her windows washed this Friday. Just in time to enjoy all the seasonal changes.

    1. Geralin,

      I love the feeling of looking through sparkling clean windows and enjoying the great views. Our home is due for one and Gwynne’s post is a wonderful reminder to get it done!

    2. Gwynne Warner says:

      Dear, Dear Geralin, so happy to hear this! Hopefully the clean windows are blessing you and your family with sparkling chi!

  4. Marina Klima says:

    Can I skip everything and just do Sunday? Just kidding 🙂

    As always, you offer great tips and I’m really learning a lot from you. For Thursday, can you suggest something for me instead of a wind chime?

    1. Dear Marina, thanks so much for your interest in Feng Shui, it warms my heart! Sorry for tardy reply, but I took September off 🙂 Instead of hanging a wind-chime you could go outside and ring a hand bell with great vigor and glee to “ring in” the opportunities. Have fun!

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